Wargaming in Hertfordshire

Friday, 21 July 2017

Buck Rogers Comes to Black Wolf

My little alternative X-Wing project came to the table last night. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was a childhood favourite of mine and I was convinced that X-Wing would make a good set of rules to bring Buck and Wilma to the wargames table.
Sourcing some models proved a bit easier than expected. I spotted Butlers Printed Models in a Wargames journal and made an enquiry. Pete was very helpful and in no time at all, I had my hands on 6 Thunderfighters and 6 Marauders. Pete 3D printed these in two parts, which were pretty easy to clean up and stick together. After painting, it was a matter of making up some movement dial alternatives and some bases.

The game scenario had 4 Earth Directorate Thunderfighters searching the asteroid belt, looking for a hidden relay transmitter, passing messages from a spy on Earth. This transmitter had to be located and destroyed, but 6 Draconian Marauder fighters had different ideas.

The Buck Rogers and Wilma proved remarkably able to locate the transmitter, even if their shooting proved less successful. Never-the-less we managed to play 4 games, with the Earth Directorate Thunderfighters planting the two required critical hits, before the Draconians could penetrate all the Thunderfighter's shields, even it got close a couple of times!

Next project, combine some 1:350 AH-1s and some F14s, to create some Scorpion fighters!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Salute 2017

Well, another year of 'not' going to Salute and not spending lots of cash! Every year it is the same, I decide I just can't face the crazy queues, huge dangerous back packs wielded by sociopath lunatics and rubbish lighting. But we still go. This year the queuing system was better, but car parking was up to £20!? We timed it perfectly, or so we thought. People had just started going in, when we joined. 30 minutes later we were finally in! The organisers had done a pretty good job, but had not accounted for the ability of humans to get in through the entrance and then immediately stop!?
There was a pretty good selection of games. Traders are inevitably biassed toward 'box shifters' (got to pay for the huge stand charges somehow), but there were at least a few 'new' things to see. I came away with a copy of Blitzkrieg Commander III and the new Battlegroup Tobruk supplement, among a pile of other stuff.

Simon even found a new friend. Something to do with sharing hair styles!

There were some very nice looking games, but really the lighting does not allow photographs that do them justice. Still, here are a couple of pics of a very nice Cold War 'gone hot' game. Some further inspiration Greg!

Editorial apology: I should have mentioned Rob's efforts in umpiring Thursday's DC Universe game.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

DC Universe

This Thursday saw the heroes of the DC Universe come to Black Wolf. I took Capt America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor. Chris took Superman, Batman, Flash (Jnr), Green Arrow and Wonder Woman.
The game opened with Chris sending Superman to beat-up the Black Widow, after she had infiltrated the game board to try to steal an objective crystal. This theme was to continue for the rest of the game, with Superman continuing to pick on somone much smaller than him, rather than face the big boys!

Meanwhile Iron Man and Flash Junior, set to, on the other side of the table, with Iron Man coming off worst. Thor then moved into confront Wonder Woman, only to collect a skip in the face for his troubles!

So the Hulk then bounded into the centre of the table, to confront Batman, but being in a bit of a foul mood, Hulk hurled a School bus at Batman, sending him flying back across the table!

Having slipped away from Superman, the Black Widow managed to link up with Capt America, to try to fight off the unwelcome attentions of the rather annoying Superman.

At this point, Iron Man decided he had had enough of Flash Jnr and headed for the new bundle in the centre of the table, featuring Hulk and Thor vs Wonder Woman. Well, she must be some tough cookie as she laid out Thor and fended off Iron Man, while withstanding Hulk's 'smashes', all without really putting a hair out of place!
By this time, the heroes of Marvel had had enough. Thor skipped off to lick his wounds, Iron Man flew off to recharge his batteries, Capt America was tied up stopping Superman hitting-on Black Widow, so the Win went to team Chris.

Elsewhere, Spaniards under Simon, were dishing out a drubbing to Mal's French, under Sharpe Practice 2, in a game run by Dave. The poor Gallic souls never really got off the start line and took a terrible pounding, before the Spanish eventually blew up the bridge, denying them their objective.

Opposite was a Cold War game of 'Tank Wreck', being partly umpired by Tony, who had only partially read the rules! Could not really tell what was happening though?

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Zombie Game, Gun Raid

Another zombie game, run using my modified version of Savage Worlds rules.
Our group of heroes started holed-up in a local liqour store, after being ambushed by a group of handgun armed thugs. Worse still for our heroes, the valuable bag of guns lay out in the square, where it had been dropped.

Tony's group of heroes opened the game, by slipping out the back door of the liquour store and down a side alley into the square, ready to make a dash for the gun bag.

However, Simon's thugs then tumbled into the street, deploying behind a police car, ready to prevent the heroes grabbing the bag. Sadly for our thugs, they quickly became embroiled in a close range melee with a few scatted zombies, attracted by the gunfire.

Our heroes then made a coordinated dash for the gun bag, 3 of them sweeping the street with automatic gunfire and shotgun blasts and causing the thugs to dive for cover behind a bus shelter on the far side of the square, while one ran to grab the bag.

However, all this gun fire was beginning to attract some serious zombie attention! The zombies tumbling into the square in significant numbers. One of Simon's thugs quickly went down to a zombie horde and the others were lucky to fight off another new source of zombies.

All was beginning to look a bit easy for Tony's heroes, but just as his man grabbed the gunbag, he was momentarily paralysed with fear (nasty event card from Eileen!). This required Tony's other characters to have to start spraying the street with buckshot and AR15 rounds. This cleared the immediate zombie threat, but was starting to attract even more zombies.

Tony's heroes grabbed the gun bag and sprinted for the subway station escape route, racing a massive zombie horde now coming from the other direction and still pursued by Simon's thugs!
The heroes almost reached the subway station entrance, before being caught by the new zombie horde. Tony's figure carrying the gun bag fell to a pack of zombies and the other heroes were forced to dash for the safety of the subway station entrance, slamming the gate behind them, but leaving the much needed gun bag behind them.

Simon's thugs, sheltering in another bus shelter, watched the horrific melee and wondered whether they could still grab the  gun bag, but by this time, the place was now swarming with zombies, so they quietly slid away.
So, a rare win for the zombies, controlled by Chris & Eileen, sharing winning honours with one human kill each.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

2nd Feb 2017: Battlegroup 1973 Yom Kippur

This week saw the first try out of our Iron Fist Battlegroup 1973 Arab-Israeli war rules adaptations. The scenario involved an Egyptian force pushing out of the Gidi pass, attempting to capture the strategically important road junction of “Spotonmap”. Rapidly deploying into that same road junction was one platoon of Israeli M48 Magachs and one platoon of M51 Super Shermans, supported by a motorised platoon of infantry.

The Egyptians pushed forward a full company of T-55s, supported by infantry in BTR-50s on their right flank. The Israelis rapidly deployed the Super Shermans to the left of the village, while the Magachs pushed into the village, to take up obscured firing positions to cover the main axis of the Egyptian advance.

We had made the Israeli tank crews “panzer aces”, to reflect the superior IDF gunnery and the +1 really started to tell. Soon the 2 platoons of T-55s on the Egyptian left were burning. The remaining T-55 platoon in the Egyptian centre was doing better, but despite getting a few hits, the penetration rolls were incredibly unlucky.

The Egyptians did manage to deploy one Sagger team on the far right and this engaged the left-most Magach, managing to knock it out with its second missile. Simon (co-Egyptian commander) also managed to push a BTR-50 into the far right of the village, and under covering fire of a second deployed infantry section, managed to storm and eliminate a defending Israeli infantry section and also eliminate their supporting M113 with an RPG.

However, by this time, the last of the Egyptian 1st wave armour had now been eliminated and although a second wave of T-55 was now rolling forward, this time employing proper tactics of firing HE on the move to suppress the Israeli armour, they were not pinning the Israeli armour fast enough. So, the win went to Greg’s Israelis.

Overall the rule mods seemed to work and the result looked reasonable historical. Next round will be in the Golan heights, with the real stars of the show, the Shot Kal Centurions!

Models are mostly Battlefront, with some Khurasan, all in 15mm.
Elsewhere, there was an ACW skirmish, using Sharpe Practice 2 and a rather hectic game of pirates!


26th Jan 2017: To The Strongest: Perperna in Spain

Another great game of To The Strongest and the first outing of my Victrix Sertorian Roman / Spanish army. Perperna had four Roman legionary units and a selection of Lusitanian allies. Opposed to him was a Spanish / Celtiberian army.

Fred’s Spanish/Celtiberian army opened by trying to push both flanks of the Sertorian force, with some success. This drew troops from the Sertorian centre and started to stretch their line. At this point the ‘deep’ Celtiberian units launched forward. The Sertorian legionaries held for a while, but then one of the Celtiberian units broke through and the Sertorian line started to collapse. Next time Sertorius himself will have to lead his force!

Friday, 6 January 2017

1st New Year Games Night

Our first Black Wolf post New Year games night saw quite a diversity of games. Rob & I played X Wing (a new acquisition of mine). Played out between Rebel X Wings and some Slaver scum (2 Y Wings and a Firespray). This was played out on my new Artistic Impressions mat, amongst my home made asteroids.

Things were not looking good for the Rebels, who were quickly down on X Wing. However, Boda Fett was having a spot of trouble with asteroids, clipping most of them. Finally the remaining X Wing pair landed a couple of solid blows and the Slaver scum started to crumble.

Elsewhere Chris and Mal were playing Frostgrave (but we don't talk about that!). A group of stalwarts played ECW and in the opposite corner Colin was running another skirmish game of Song of Drums & Shakos.