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Friday, 21 December 2007

Gladiatorial Contest - Xmas Bash

Last night, the Gore & Spectacle of the Coliseum came to Hitchin! The Games opened with the usual parade of gladiators, but perhaps surprisingly there was first a beauty parade! The owners had lavished time and money on their best gladiators and they wanted someone to see them! Emperor Pete presided and the plebes voted. The winner of the adult section was Ian and Ryan took the Junior prize. Pleasantries over, the gladiators headed for the arena (specially constructed by May enterprises). Emperor Pete’s gladiator seemed a little confused by the proceedings and took centre stage for what he thought was a karaoke contest!? However, his rather unpleasant warbling was quickly cut short, as three gladiators closed for the kill.
The overall contest quickly broke down into a fight in four quarters, the crowd being highly amused as three gladiators took in turns to bash Ryan’s gladiator on the helmet, leaving him somewhat dazed and confused, if not seriously hurt!?
By now, the dead were beginning to mount and the owners of the dead gladiators were permitted to release wild animals into the arena. Emperor Pete’s lion bounded into the arena, bravely going straight for the first prone gladiator he could see! However, Steve’s prone gladiator, although already wounded, savagely smashed his shield into the beast’s mouth. Then with some deft strokes, he then hamstrung the bewildered beast. The reminder of the contest was then spent with lion and gladiator lying side-by-side, half heartedly slapping at each other, to the jeers of the crowd. At this point, the author was called away by urgent business in the forum. However, he invites others to submit their memories of the evening.
Phil T

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Standard Bearer

EDITOR: Mr Peter Day,Walnut Way, Ickleford.HITCHIN. Herts. SG5 3XZ

Hi all,
Well it's been a busy Autumn so far at the club with a lot happening.
Firstly many thanks to all those that turned up at the Quiz evening. I hope you had a good time and look forward to next years quiz! Paul raised a total of £114 for the Poppy appeal so a big thanks to all those that contributed items for sale and also to those that bought.
Many thanks to Jim and lan for arranging big Sunday games of late and of course thanks to those that turned up to game on those days and also my own big Sunday ECW game and Roman Civil War WAB game.
Also many thanks to John Dixon for helping out at the Letchworth Model Show. If you attended I hope you had an enjoyable day or few hours at the show. Also thanks to all those that helped run/play practice games before hand.
We welcome to the club Simon Thedy who some of you have met over the last few Thursdays. Simons contact phone number is 01462 ######, which can be added to the phone list I provided at the beginning of the year.
Once again I need to know if you are rejoining the club so that I can work out the cost for membership. If you could let me know as soon as possible that would be helpful.
Also I would like to update my phone contact numbers list and also make sure that I have your correct Mobile number for use in emergencies etc.
As Christmas is fast approaching we have organised a club Xmas meal, or I should more correctly say Colin has. The meal will be held at the Millstream pub, Hitchin as in previous years. The date for the diary is Tuesday December 18th. Please see Colin as soon as possible if you would like to come along.
We continue to run the Kit Swop evenings once a month now. The next one is December 15th. Remember the idea behind these is to bring in any odd unwanted items to see if there are any takers at the club before selling them off elsewhere. Remember to price them and put your name on them.
Chris Fitall has managed to procure a number of playing boards for the club. These are propped up behind the 'Lancers' grey storage boxes and spare chairs. These should allow us to have larger table tops without using three tables. Many thanks to Chris for his efforts in obtaining these. I think now we are safe for table tops and playing spaces.
Chris Banks and David Buchanan have delayed the Big Flames of war game for a bit whilst they work round the rules to allow a more playable game. More news as and when I get it and a re-planned date hopefully soon.
Tony May is organising a fan Xmas game to be played out on the December 20th Meeting. This is to be a 'Gladiator' contest with a prize for the best painted figure. Tony has figures available that he would like you to paint up and bring along on the evening. Figures should be based on a 2p coin sized base or similar (please note The Blackwolf Club does not actively encourage defacing the British Coinage!!) Expect lots of cheering, thumb waving and lots of Frankisms! (if you don't know what I'm on about try watching Up Pompeii ). Please see Tony if you haven't got a figure yet and would like to take part.
Talking of the Last meet of the year. So far we have booked the hall up to the 20th December. If you would like to attend on the 27th December please let me know (or better still add your name to the poster on the notice board). If I don't get more than 7 people interested in attending then I personally don't think it worth booking the hall. Let me know if you want to wargame between Xmas and New Year please thanks.
Don't forget we also have two slots left for Big Sunday games if anyone is interested in putting on one before Xmas. The dates are 2nd December and 16th December.
Well that's all for this newsletter, if you could let me know as soon as possible if you are rejoining the merry band of wargamers that would be helpful. I expect next years hall hire to be the same costing and going by the numbers of people we have at the club at present I'd say the cost to each member would be about £45 approx.
Cheers all see you at the club soon.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Magazine Article Summaries

My idea of a wargames publication 'syndicate', has sort of fallen on stoney ground!? Only Colin and Alistair showing any interest. So, how about a cheaper version?
I have taken to scanning interesting articles from magazines, to make it easier to store them. So, I thought 'why not post a short summary on the blog?', then if anyone else is interested, I will happily send them a copy of the article. I hope that if anyone else comes across an article of interest, then they can just send me a short summary, which I will post on the blog, along with the name of the submitter. That way any interested folks can ask them for more information (no full names used).

Phil T

This batch of articles includes;

“Firefight”, Historical Miniature Gamer #7
Simple 6 page set of WW2 skirmish rules. Uses activation chits to control the turn sequence, drawn at random. A typical squad gets 3 chits, whereas a veteran squad may get 4. The chits are drawn to determine the turn sequence, but the drawn chits are kept in view, so you have some idea what may happen next. Each chit allows the player to activate one soldier, or group of soldiers under an NCO. Each activated soldier gets 4 ‘Action Points’ (AP), which are used to complete actions, eg, 2AP for aimed shot, etc. Looks simple, but I like the multi-chit activation idea.

“Quickdraw”, Western Skirmish, Battlegames Issue 9.
Looks like a nice simple set of Western skirmish rules (6 pages). Initiative is controlled by the drawing of playing cards. Each character is allocated 2 cards and the joker causes a reshuffle of the deck. A nice touch is the need for a “guts” test, if a character wants to move toward an enemy, or leave cover, etc. Looks like a nice simple, but sensible set of rules.

“Skulking in the Rear”, Historical Miniature Gamer #7
Simple 2 page skirmish game initiative system, for use in gangster / pulp games, etc. Each ‘team’ / faction, gets 7 cards (ace, 1, 2, 10, jack, queen, king). The ace, 1, 2 allow one character to move (including characters within 2 inches), the jack, queen, king, allow all of a player’s characters to move. The “10” allows civilians to act in the player’s favour. A card can be used to allow a character to take up to two actions, or “hold” one action in order to interrupt another player (but this too can then be interrupted by a held action).
There are also two jokers in the pack, drawing the first is just a warning (or can invoke some pre-planned random event). The second joker ends the turn and the deck is reshuffled. Using cards like this, allows up to 4 factions to play, which is good for gangster, or ‘pulp’ type games.

Friday, 2 November 2007


The Battle of Guadeloupe was a Napoloenic naval battle fought on 21st October 2007 between the Black Wolf club (British) and the Guildford Wargames club (French) at Hitchin.

8th May, 6pm (3 hours to dusk) - The French
The French Admiral L'Hospitalier Villemadran (Andrew F) is in command of the French Caribbean fleet. He has has been raiding British possessions and is now preparing to join with the Spanish for an invasion of British-held Jamaica. In Fort Royal, Martinique, he has 1x 120 gun, 2x 110 gun and 26x 74/80 gun ships-of-the-line plus 5 frigates.
On May 8, he departed from Martinique with his entire fleet and headed south for a rendezvous at a minor anchorage with 10 Spanish ships-of-line commanded by Admiral Don Louis de Flores and 15,000 troops for the invasion. His priority is the Spanish fleet which, should it be captured by the British, would defeat the invasion.
Nearing the rendezvous, late in the afternoon at 8 knots, his frigates spotted a large fleet. Thinking it to be the Spanish, he approached, only to discover it is the British fleet of about 30 sail, about 15 miles distant to the south west. The wind is brisk, from the north, variable.
Villemadran decided to turn the fleet by Squadrons to the WNW, hoping to draw the British away from the Spaniards.

8th May, 6pm - The British
Admiral James Hargood (Kevin P) is in command of the British Caribbean fleet. The French have been raiding British possessions so his spies and frigates have kept watch on the French fleet. Learning of its departure from Martinique on May 8, he set off in pursuit with 4x 100 gun and 25x 74 gun ships-of-line plus 5 frigates to destroy the French fleet.
Late in the afternoon, his frigates discovered the French fleet about 15 miles distant to the north east. He decided to continue on his current course but slowing to 4 knots.

8th May, 7.30pm
Villemadran now presumed that the British were aware of the Spaniards, so he turned the squadrons to the SSW and increased speed to 8 knots.
Hargood observed these manoeuvres but maintained his slow SE course, waiting for the French to manoeuvre again and unaware of the Spanish presence.
The frigates of both sides were given orders to engage the enemy frigates to hide a manoeuvre both intended to carry out at dusk. Each side had one frigate badly damaged, forcing them to return to port. Under cover of darkness, the French turned SE as the British turned south, both slowing to a few knots so as to maintain formation during the night.

9th May, 6am
The British were surprised to find a large number of Spanish ships at the island, mainly transports. Not yet appreciating their significance, Hargood continued slowly south, awaiting developments and news of the French.
The Spanish were also surprised to see a British fleet a few miles away. All the ships prepared to depart in considerable panic while a frigate reported the British presence to the French.
Villemadran, learning that the Spanish were at the island and that the British were to the SW, immediately reformed his line to the SSW and increased speed to get between the British and the transports.
9th May, 7am
The Spanish transports began to leave the anchorage while the Spanish warships made a 'demonstration' towards the rear of the British line.
A confused Villemadran, wondering why the British weren't attacking the transports, turned WSW to support the Spanish attack on the tail of the British line.
Observing the French movements, Hargood turned east and increased speed.

9th May, 7.30am
The battle started with the three French squadrons turning ESE on a converging course with the British line. The Spanish joined the tail of the forming French line.
The first French squadron (Pete D) cuts across the front of the British line.

The lead British squadron (Chris F) has engaged the French van closely (top right). The centre French squadron (Andrew F) is passing in front of the centre British squadron (Kevin P) which has become separated from the van.

The lead squadrons are mauling each other off top left. The centre French squadron has turned round the starboard side of the British centre, meanwhile the rear French squadron (Chris R) engages its port side. The Spanish squadron (Jim C) is about to engage the rear British squadron (Colin B).

Thursday, 1 November 2007

1st Nov 2007

Warhammer Ancients

A mixed force of Carthaginian, African and Spanish mercenaries, take on a mixed force of Spanish and African mercenaries!?

Ancient Britains vs Romans

The British chariots try to turn the Roman left flank......

....while the British warbands crawl up the centre.

Flames of War

German armour starts the advance to the British positions.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

20th Sept 2007

John's fleet sets sail in the Action Stations game.

Battle is joined!
Not strictly part of the action, but they do look nice.

Wings of War derivative game and Jim gets Steve in his sights!

Friday, 7 September 2007

All Things Zombie - Where is Professor Hyde?

As agent Smith glided the black BMW shooting break in alongside the seemingly deserted patrol car, agent Jones surveyed the burned-out remains of Professor Hyde’s residence. While the two contemplated their next move, a large blue Porsche SUV appeared from no-where and careered into the side of the agent’s car. Agent Jones sprang from the passenger seat and ran round to the other vehicle, but the young woman driver appeared to be dead. Agent Smith struggled out of the disabled BMW and made his way to the gaping doorway of the smouldering Hyde residence. He wasn’t prepared for the sight that met his eyes. Seemingly before him, was a deputy sheriff, pulling out the intestines of a fellow officer and stuffing them into his mouth! Before he could stop himself, his pistol was out and firing, but the sheriff, although hit by the automatic pistol bullets, only appeared to stagger a bit. Agent Jones reacted in similar style, but only succeeded in knocking down the bloody form of the sheriff. It was left to SWAT officer Frank Brewer, to despatch the ghastly form of the sheriff, with a long burst of fire from his MP5 machine pistol.

A brief search of the burned-out house revealed little, except that clearly there had been a gun fight here, before the house was set alight. Turning to Professor Hyde’s burned out Mercedes, the agent’s only clue, was some partly burned papers, showing that the professor had some equipment stored in a nearby compound. As the bodies of the family were not here, then perhaps they had taken refuge there?

Mean while, the gunfire had appeared to attract more of these “crazies”. Officer Chuck Jugs tried to warn off a pair of “crazies”, who were coming down the side street, straight toward the officers, but they just kept coming! A blast from the pump-action, felled one, but it just got up again. Chuck then discharged a series of blasts from the pump-action and finally the pair had stopped moving, but there appeared to be more behind them!

“Get that wreckage out of the road”, commanded Agent Smith to Sergeant John Banks, pointing to the smashed cars and the abandoned patrol car. Then turning to the two SWAT team members, he growled, “follow me”, before storming down the street, toward the storage compound. Half way down the street, Smith was distracted by a dull thudding, emanating from the bank on his left. However, before the team could investigate further, three zombies appeared at the end of the street ahead of them, shambling straight toward them, with what looked like even more behind them.

Quickly eliminating these first three zombies, the team moved up the road, toward the storage compound, steadily thinning the approaching zombie procession in the street, with an appalling barrage of gunfire, but yet more seemed to be appearing behind them. Just as the team reached the gates of the storage compound, three zombies burst from left hand most of the large brown ISO containers inside the compound.

The team were now trapped in the entrance way of the compound and a desperate melee and ‘point blank’ gun battle erupted, during which Officer Dan Hops, of the SWAT team was badly injured , when he was smashed into one of the container doors by the charge of an unseen zombie.

For some inexplicable reason, for just a couple of crucial moments, the zombie onslaught seemed to slacken (bad karma on the dice!) and the team gained the upper hand sufficiently, to risk clearing the pile of corpses blocking the door to the second ISO container.

Just as Agent Jones pulled the last of the bodies clear of the container doors, out burst a man, dressed in a lab coat, a smartly dressed woman and a small girl, all snarling and trying to sink their teeth into the surprised agents. Although almost caught unawares, the two agents succeeded in pushing the three zombies back into the mouth of the open container, where they were dropped by a deafening burst of MP5 automatic fire from SWAT officer Frank. While the macabre forms struggled to regain their feet, agents Smith and Jones, quickly stepped in, to finish the three ex-members of the Hyde family, Agent Jones sadly observing that the youngest daughter appeared to be among the unfortunates before them.

Agent Smith gathered-up the Professor’s bag, noting with some satisfaction, that the Professor’s well known ‘little black book’ was still tucked inside, but where was the eldest daughter? They would need someone to help them understand the notebook.

Back in the street, there was now further commotion and gunfire, as yet more zombies were attracted to the compound. The agents looked desperately at one another, and hopelessly toward another grotesque wave of zombie forms, staggering toward them, blood lust across their decaying lips. Just then, the blue form of the large Chevrolet police SUV roared past the compound gates, smashing two of the zombies into a pulp, with barely a pause in its deadly progression.

While the agents and SWAT pair, had been fighting for their lives in the compound, Sergeant John Banks had managed to release the parking brake of the patrol car, which had been blocking the street. He had then succeeded in using the heavy bulk of the SUV, to barge the patrol car out of the way. All this time Officer Chuck Jugs had been covering John, with a murderous series of blasts from his deadly pump action shotgun. Sadly, as Sergeant Banks roared off down the street, to the aid of the stranded FBI Agents, Chuck’s attention was distracted just for a moment and he was grabbed from behind, by cold, rotting fingers. Sergeant Banks glanced in the rear-view mirror, only to glimpse Chuck disappearing under the bloody clutches of a baying zombie mob.
There was no time to grieve however, John slewed the SUV round in a ‘U’ turn in the street and ploughed back into the zombie mob, gathered at the compound gates, crushing one and knocking another to one side, where it was quickly finished off by agent Jones. Then Frank dragged the unconscious Dan to the SUV, where they bundled him into the back of the Chevrolet, before taking off down the street, toward the zombie mob, feasting on the downed form of Chuck. With a grim look of determination, John floored the accelerator of the SUV, sending it careering through the bloody mob. An entailed smeared hand smashed in, through the passenger window, only to be beaten out again by Frank, before the SUV succeeded in smashing its way through to the other side of the putrid mob, swerving down the street, spewing a hail of bullets at the hapless zombies.

John brought the big police SUV to a stop behind the garage, as the agents argued that they had to go back and look for the other daughter. Before John could argue, the agents had thrown the door open and charged in through the back door of the garage. John gave a resigned shrug and swung the SUV around, keeping his eyes on the distant zombie mob, now ambling slowly his way, “come on” he muttered under his breath!!

There was a burst of pistol shots, closely followed by a burst of MP5 machine gun fire, from the garage, after which the agents and the SWAT officer bundled out of the back door and into the waiting SUV. “Get us to the bank, but not the direct route” ordered agent Smith.

John manoeuvred the SUV out into the side street, making sure that the zombie mob could clearly see him. He then crawled up the alleyway opposite, all the time watching to make sure that the zombie mob were following, but not getting too close. As the SUV pulled past the back of the block of flats,opposite the bank, the heads of two zombies, disturbed from feasting on a corpse, appeared from behind a dumpster, only to disintegrate in mess of bone and brains, in response to a fusillade of shots, discharged from the SUV windows.

John then swung the SUV around the block, back down the main street, screeching to a stop across the front door of the bank. Under the cover of the big SUV, the agents and SWAT officer jumped from the vehicle and in through the front door of the bank. Once inside the agents could clearly see the source of the dull thudding, which they had heard earlier from the street. A group of three zombies were beating on the strong room door, one using the severed, half eaten leg of the ex-bank manager. The first round of shots appeared to do little to the zombies, until a blast of automatic fire from Frank’s MP5, knocked one down, then the other two were quickly felled and rapidly finished off, by point-blank pistol shots from the agents. The agents and SWAT officer stepped back and surveyed themselves, realising what a sorry sight they made, covered in congealed blood and gore. Agent Smith tried to calm his voice and call-out to reassure, as best he could, whoever was inside the strong room. After a pause for what seemed like a life-time, the lock on the door clicked open and a pretty young face peered out round a crack in the door. The agents quickly pushed inside the strong room and carefully avoiding the very large silver plated .44 magnum clutched in the girls right hand, guided her and her stuffed cuddly rabbit, out of the back door and into the waiting SUV.

Agent Smith barely had to utter the words “go, go, go”, before the SUV sped off down the street. As they drove off, Agent Smith glanced mournfully at the notebook and then at the beautiful young girl beside him and hoped the cost had been worth it? On the plus side, while there was blood all over Dan’s head, there did not seem to be any bite marks, which was more than could be said for Chuck, when they had last seen him spread out, all over the street. The world was falling apart!?

Agent Smith & Agent Jones – Tony
Sgt. John Banks and Officer Chuck Jugs – Chris
SWAT Team, Frank Brewer and Dan Hops – Colin
Zombie Controller – KieranDirector – Phil

Friday, 13 April 2007

Glorious First June - the aftermath

After the first 10 turns Admiral "Colin" Bouvet had taken a hammering, and Admiral "Sean" Barrade had failed to hit anything.
Then Admiral "Peter" Graves split his squadron in half, allowing Barrade to concentrate on half his ships leaving the other half unengaged, they escaped the battle unharmed. This left Admiral "Kevin" Howe running the complete gauntlet apart from his Flagship, losing a lot of ships, as did Admiral "Tony" Villaret-Joyeuse.
Emerging from the firefight, Admiral Bouvet fought half of Admiral "Kevan" Hood's squadron with his whole squadron while Admiral Barrade picked off Admiral Howe's remaining ships.
The end of the battle with disabled and burning ships scattered over the ocean while individual squadrons pursue the remnants of their foes.

While the French lost slightly more ships, the battle was deemed a minor French victory because the massive damage to the British fleet would most likely prevent it intercepting the French convoy. This didn't stop Admiral Howe claiming a significant British victory - his flagship was one of the few undamaged British ships!

Monday, 12 March 2007

Glorious First June - the battle

Left of picture are the lead ships of Admiral "Sean" Barrade. Next in line is the squadron of Admiral "Tony" Villaret-Joyeuse and in the lead is that of Admiral "Colin" Bouvet. The lead British squadron of Admiral "Peter" Graves is top centre followed by Admiral "Kevin" Howe, top right. Admiral "Kevan" Hood's squadron is following just off picture.
The lead French squadron, commanded by Admiral "Colin" Bouvet continued on its course, taking on the lead British squadron of Admiral "Peter" Graves, then Admiral "Kevin" Howe, by which time he had sustained considerable damage. Admiral Graves and Howe attempted to break through the French centre commanded by Admiral "Tony" Villaret-Joyeuse without much success, however Admiral Villaret's squadron was heavily engaged and suffered accordingly. Meanwhile Admiral "Kevan" Hood split his squadron to cover the French ships approaching from the north.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Glorious First June 8.15am

8.15am. The wind remains NNE. A squadron of five French SOLS has been spotted to the north making 9 knots.
The French fleet carried out a preplanned 180 degree turn to port in succession. At the same time, the British fleet turned west at 6 knots. The French are in considerable disorder after making the turn and are attempting to reorder their line, heading ESE at 4 knots.
The fleets are about to engage.

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Glorious First June 8am

8am. The wind is still increasing but remains NNE. The French fleet turned WNW into a single line, its frigates moving to the south of the line. Meanwhile the British fleet turned west then WNW on a parallel course. The French are making 4 knots, the British 4.6 knots. The separation between the fleets is now only just over one mile.
.......Don't forget, your chance, Sunday 25th Feb!?

Friday, 16 February 2007

Glorious First June 6am

Both fleets continued sailing NNW until dusk, at which point the British fleet reformed into a single line. They continued cautiously during the night, the British slowly overhauling the French and the frigates becoming somewhat detached. By dawn on May 29th the separation between the fleets had decreased to 2.5 miles. The wind is freshening and has veered to NNE.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Glorious 1st June, 6pm

6pm: Both fleets are continuing NNW with the wind remaining light NE. The separation between the fleets has decreased to 7 miles.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Glorious 1st of June 1pm

The French fleet continued to the NNW while the frigate Seine was ordered back towards the fleet. The Latona, Niger and Phaeton began to push the Bellone back towards the French fleet. Admiral Lord Howe ordered the fleet to turn N, then NNW. He also ordered Rear Admiral Pasley to rejoin the main fleet. At 1pm, the wind veered back to the NE, so decreasing the ships' speed. The separation between the fleets at this time is 9.5 miles.

Monday, 12 February 2007

Glorious 1st of June - Don't forget, Sunday 25th Feb!?

At dawn on May 28th, the wind was light, from the NE but changeable.
The British fleet was sailing slowly WNW in one line. The lead British frigate, the Latona, had just spotted the French fleet in 3 columns to the NW, sailing WNW, about 10 miles distant.

Admiral Villaret de Joyeuse ordered the French fleet to turn to the NNW into the wind, slowing considerably. He also ordered the frigates Bellone and Seine to drop back to chase off the Latona and look for the British fleet.
Admiral Lord Howe (Black Dick) ordered the fleet to turn to the NW and four 74s detached under Rear Admiral Pasley to close on the rear of the French line.
The frigates Phaeton and Niger were detailed to act between the two groups.

The Latona dropped back from the Bellone and Seine while the Niger and Phaeton moved up to assist. The Bellone and Seine pulled ahead again maintaining a separation of about one mile.

At 10am, the wind veered round to the ENE, so increasing the ships' speed. The French fleet is heading NNW at 3 knots. The frigates are 4 miles from the French fleet, heading NNW. Admiral Pasley is 2 miles from the frigates heading NW at 6 knots. Admiral Howe is 4 miles from Pasley heading NW at 5 knots.

.......Don't forget, your chance, Sunday 25th Feb!?

Monday, 29 January 2007


It is 1794. The French people are suffering much distress from the bad harvest of the previous year, and a great convoy of 117 merchant ships laden with corn is expected from America. This convoy is critical as the new Republican government faces unrest if it doesn't arrive.
On the 2nd May, the British force designed to intercept the convoy, under Admiral Lord Howe, then in command of the channel fleet, sailed from Spithead. The force under Lord Howe's immediate command was 26 sail of the line and 5 frigates.
On 5th May Lord Howe was off Ushant and sent frigates to reconnoitre the harbour of Brest. They reported that the main French fleet, under the command of Admiral Villaret-Joyeuse, 26 sail of the line, was lying at anchor in the roads. Howe then sailed to the latitude on which the convoy was likely to be met with, knowing that if the French admiral came out it would be to meet the convoy and cover them from attack. To seek the convoy was therefore the most sure way of forcing Villaret-Joyeuse to action.
On 16th May Villaret-Joyeuse sailed with his whole force. On 17th May Villaret-Joyeuse's force passed close to the British fleet, unseen in a fog. Lord Howe returned to Ushant and again reconnoitred Brest, revealing Villaret-Joyeuse's departure.
On 21st May Lord Howe learnt the position and course of the French fleet as of the 19th. He decided to pursue it. It was not till the 28th of May at 6.30 am that the British fleet caught sight of the enemy. The battle is about to begin.

This is the next large Napoleonic naval battle to be fought as a Sunday all day game. It is to be fought on February 25th. Note that this is the same date as Cavalier.Please let Jim know asap if you want to join in.
Jim Cornish

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Location Map

The club meets most Thursday evenings at the Scout hut, King George's Playing Fields, Old Hale Way, Hitchin, from 6.30pm-11.30pm.


Player Profile - Phil T

Likes: Simple rules (but realistic), with plenty of player interaction. Nicely presented games. Skirmish games.

Dislikes: Complicated rules / long games.

Periods of Interest / Games owned:

Zombies: I now have a collection of 28mm figures, vehicles and buildings. I love the simplicity of the All Things Zombies, by Two Hour Wargames and hope to adapt the sister publication, Chain Reaction 2, for modern / sci-fi skirmish games. I also now have a copy of All Flesh Must Be Eaten, role playing game, which I'm eager to try out.

Naval: I have a selection of 1:3000 and 1:6000 scale WW1 and WW2 ships. I have just purchased a set of the new rules, Stations Manned and Ready, which look very good. I also have a small selection 1:1200 Napoleonic naval ships, as well as a slightly larger fleet of 1:2400 scale ships. I used to love AH's Wooden Ships & Iron Men, and thus are still looking for a set of tabletop rules which have this level of playability.

1:200 WW2: I have a half painted set of 1940 British and German armies and the Blitzkrieg Commander rules.

15mm Napoleonics, Peninsular: Although yet to find a set of rules I like. I own AH's "Napoleon's Battles" and "Valmy to Waterloo". Napoleon's Battles has a nice playability / realism balance, but the game scale is just a bit too big for the Peninsular. Valmy to Waterloo has a good game scale, and realism feel, but took me too long to try to learn the rules!

I also have a set of 28mm Western figures (inspired by the The Old West) and some Gladiator figures, using a home grown set of rules.

Well thats enough for a start....more later. Phil T

Welcome to the new Blog

Hello out there to all the Black Wolf wargamers. This is a test of the new Blog, to see if I can get things going?