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Monday, 29 January 2007


It is 1794. The French people are suffering much distress from the bad harvest of the previous year, and a great convoy of 117 merchant ships laden with corn is expected from America. This convoy is critical as the new Republican government faces unrest if it doesn't arrive.
On the 2nd May, the British force designed to intercept the convoy, under Admiral Lord Howe, then in command of the channel fleet, sailed from Spithead. The force under Lord Howe's immediate command was 26 sail of the line and 5 frigates.
On 5th May Lord Howe was off Ushant and sent frigates to reconnoitre the harbour of Brest. They reported that the main French fleet, under the command of Admiral Villaret-Joyeuse, 26 sail of the line, was lying at anchor in the roads. Howe then sailed to the latitude on which the convoy was likely to be met with, knowing that if the French admiral came out it would be to meet the convoy and cover them from attack. To seek the convoy was therefore the most sure way of forcing Villaret-Joyeuse to action.
On 16th May Villaret-Joyeuse sailed with his whole force. On 17th May Villaret-Joyeuse's force passed close to the British fleet, unseen in a fog. Lord Howe returned to Ushant and again reconnoitred Brest, revealing Villaret-Joyeuse's departure.
On 21st May Lord Howe learnt the position and course of the French fleet as of the 19th. He decided to pursue it. It was not till the 28th of May at 6.30 am that the British fleet caught sight of the enemy. The battle is about to begin.

This is the next large Napoleonic naval battle to be fought as a Sunday all day game. It is to be fought on February 25th. Note that this is the same date as Cavalier.Please let Jim know asap if you want to join in.
Jim Cornish

Sunday, 21 January 2007

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The club meets most Thursday evenings at the Scout hut, King George's Playing Fields, Old Hale Way, Hitchin, from 6.30pm-11.30pm.


Player Profile - Phil T

Likes: Simple rules (but realistic), with plenty of player interaction. Nicely presented games. Skirmish games.

Dislikes: Complicated rules / long games.

Periods of Interest / Games owned:

Zombies: I now have a collection of 28mm figures, vehicles and buildings. I love the simplicity of the All Things Zombies, by Two Hour Wargames and hope to adapt the sister publication, Chain Reaction 2, for modern / sci-fi skirmish games. I also now have a copy of All Flesh Must Be Eaten, role playing game, which I'm eager to try out.

Naval: I have a selection of 1:3000 and 1:6000 scale WW1 and WW2 ships. I have just purchased a set of the new rules, Stations Manned and Ready, which look very good. I also have a small selection 1:1200 Napoleonic naval ships, as well as a slightly larger fleet of 1:2400 scale ships. I used to love AH's Wooden Ships & Iron Men, and thus are still looking for a set of tabletop rules which have this level of playability.

1:200 WW2: I have a half painted set of 1940 British and German armies and the Blitzkrieg Commander rules.

15mm Napoleonics, Peninsular: Although yet to find a set of rules I like. I own AH's "Napoleon's Battles" and "Valmy to Waterloo". Napoleon's Battles has a nice playability / realism balance, but the game scale is just a bit too big for the Peninsular. Valmy to Waterloo has a good game scale, and realism feel, but took me too long to try to learn the rules!

I also have a set of 28mm Western figures (inspired by the The Old West) and some Gladiator figures, using a home grown set of rules.

Well thats enough for a start....more later. Phil T

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Hello out there to all the Black Wolf wargamers. This is a test of the new Blog, to see if I can get things going?