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Sunday, 21 January 2007

Player Profile - Phil T

Likes: Simple rules (but realistic), with plenty of player interaction. Nicely presented games. Skirmish games.

Dislikes: Complicated rules / long games.

Periods of Interest / Games owned:

Zombies: I now have a collection of 28mm figures, vehicles and buildings. I love the simplicity of the All Things Zombies, by Two Hour Wargames and hope to adapt the sister publication, Chain Reaction 2, for modern / sci-fi skirmish games. I also now have a copy of All Flesh Must Be Eaten, role playing game, which I'm eager to try out.

Naval: I have a selection of 1:3000 and 1:6000 scale WW1 and WW2 ships. I have just purchased a set of the new rules, Stations Manned and Ready, which look very good. I also have a small selection 1:1200 Napoleonic naval ships, as well as a slightly larger fleet of 1:2400 scale ships. I used to love AH's Wooden Ships & Iron Men, and thus are still looking for a set of tabletop rules which have this level of playability.

1:200 WW2: I have a half painted set of 1940 British and German armies and the Blitzkrieg Commander rules.

15mm Napoleonics, Peninsular: Although yet to find a set of rules I like. I own AH's "Napoleon's Battles" and "Valmy to Waterloo". Napoleon's Battles has a nice playability / realism balance, but the game scale is just a bit too big for the Peninsular. Valmy to Waterloo has a good game scale, and realism feel, but took me too long to try to learn the rules!

I also have a set of 28mm Western figures (inspired by the The Old West) and some Gladiator figures, using a home grown set of rules.

Well thats enough for a start....more later. Phil T

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