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Monday, 12 February 2007

Glorious 1st of June - Don't forget, Sunday 25th Feb!?

At dawn on May 28th, the wind was light, from the NE but changeable.
The British fleet was sailing slowly WNW in one line. The lead British frigate, the Latona, had just spotted the French fleet in 3 columns to the NW, sailing WNW, about 10 miles distant.

Admiral Villaret de Joyeuse ordered the French fleet to turn to the NNW into the wind, slowing considerably. He also ordered the frigates Bellone and Seine to drop back to chase off the Latona and look for the British fleet.
Admiral Lord Howe (Black Dick) ordered the fleet to turn to the NW and four 74s detached under Rear Admiral Pasley to close on the rear of the French line.
The frigates Phaeton and Niger were detailed to act between the two groups.

The Latona dropped back from the Bellone and Seine while the Niger and Phaeton moved up to assist. The Bellone and Seine pulled ahead again maintaining a separation of about one mile.

At 10am, the wind veered round to the ENE, so increasing the ships' speed. The French fleet is heading NNW at 3 knots. The frigates are 4 miles from the French fleet, heading NNW. Admiral Pasley is 2 miles from the frigates heading NW at 6 knots. Admiral Howe is 4 miles from Pasley heading NW at 5 knots.

.......Don't forget, your chance, Sunday 25th Feb!?

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