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Monday, 12 March 2007

Glorious First June - the battle

Left of picture are the lead ships of Admiral "Sean" Barrade. Next in line is the squadron of Admiral "Tony" Villaret-Joyeuse and in the lead is that of Admiral "Colin" Bouvet. The lead British squadron of Admiral "Peter" Graves is top centre followed by Admiral "Kevin" Howe, top right. Admiral "Kevan" Hood's squadron is following just off picture.
The lead French squadron, commanded by Admiral "Colin" Bouvet continued on its course, taking on the lead British squadron of Admiral "Peter" Graves, then Admiral "Kevin" Howe, by which time he had sustained considerable damage. Admiral Graves and Howe attempted to break through the French centre commanded by Admiral "Tony" Villaret-Joyeuse without much success, however Admiral Villaret's squadron was heavily engaged and suffered accordingly. Meanwhile Admiral "Kevan" Hood split his squadron to cover the French ships approaching from the north.