Wargaming in Hertfordshire

Friday, 13 April 2007

Glorious First June - the aftermath

After the first 10 turns Admiral "Colin" Bouvet had taken a hammering, and Admiral "Sean" Barrade had failed to hit anything.
Then Admiral "Peter" Graves split his squadron in half, allowing Barrade to concentrate on half his ships leaving the other half unengaged, they escaped the battle unharmed. This left Admiral "Kevin" Howe running the complete gauntlet apart from his Flagship, losing a lot of ships, as did Admiral "Tony" Villaret-Joyeuse.
Emerging from the firefight, Admiral Bouvet fought half of Admiral "Kevan" Hood's squadron with his whole squadron while Admiral Barrade picked off Admiral Howe's remaining ships.
The end of the battle with disabled and burning ships scattered over the ocean while individual squadrons pursue the remnants of their foes.

While the French lost slightly more ships, the battle was deemed a minor French victory because the massive damage to the British fleet would most likely prevent it intercepting the French convoy. This didn't stop Admiral Howe claiming a significant British victory - his flagship was one of the few undamaged British ships!