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Friday, 21 December 2007

Gladiatorial Contest - Xmas Bash

Last night, the Gore & Spectacle of the Coliseum came to Hitchin! The Games opened with the usual parade of gladiators, but perhaps surprisingly there was first a beauty parade! The owners had lavished time and money on their best gladiators and they wanted someone to see them! Emperor Pete presided and the plebes voted. The winner of the adult section was Ian and Ryan took the Junior prize. Pleasantries over, the gladiators headed for the arena (specially constructed by May enterprises). Emperor Pete’s gladiator seemed a little confused by the proceedings and took centre stage for what he thought was a karaoke contest!? However, his rather unpleasant warbling was quickly cut short, as three gladiators closed for the kill.
The overall contest quickly broke down into a fight in four quarters, the crowd being highly amused as three gladiators took in turns to bash Ryan’s gladiator on the helmet, leaving him somewhat dazed and confused, if not seriously hurt!?
By now, the dead were beginning to mount and the owners of the dead gladiators were permitted to release wild animals into the arena. Emperor Pete’s lion bounded into the arena, bravely going straight for the first prone gladiator he could see! However, Steve’s prone gladiator, although already wounded, savagely smashed his shield into the beast’s mouth. Then with some deft strokes, he then hamstrung the bewildered beast. The reminder of the contest was then spent with lion and gladiator lying side-by-side, half heartedly slapping at each other, to the jeers of the crowd. At this point, the author was called away by urgent business in the forum. However, he invites others to submit their memories of the evening.
Phil T

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