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Sunday, 23 March 2008

INTELLIGENGE REPORT, 12:00, 13th September

Reports are coming of clashes between British and German light units in the Channel, as well as to the North of Dogger Bank. The British have claimed that their Torpedo Boats have scored a number of successes in the action north of Dogger Bank, even claiming to have damaged a Zeppelin, although similar Zeppelin sightings near Harwich may contradict such claims? It is thought that both sides have capital ships in the vicinity, so things look like escalating further in this sector. It appears as if the rumours of a British convoy from Norway were true, as a neutral merchantman reported seeing significant smoke, mid-way between Scapa Flow and Jade Anchorage.
The anchorage at Scapa Flow is reported as being empty, so appears that the Grand Fleet is at sea. With the confirmed sailing of the High Seas Fleet, from Jade Bay, it looks as if a major clash is increasingly likely, somewhere toward the Northern end of Dogger Bank.
The disturbing absence of reports regarding the whereabouts of the enigmatic Beatty has led to rumours of damage to his flagship, as a result of a mine or submarine attack.
Bill Milater, US Naval Attaché, London

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