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Friday, 21 March 2008

NAVAL INTELLIGENGE REPORT - 0900 - 13th September

The weather here in London is improving, with visibility at about 12nm. It is believed that the High Seas Fleet sailed early yesterday evening, after minesweepers were seen at work during the day. There have also been reports of German light surface units off Great Yarmouth.
The British are clearly nervous, with a large critical convoy believed to be headed from Norway. Indeed the “Wobbly Eights” have been seen preparing to sail from the Thames and the British Battlecruisers were rumoured to have sailed at noon yesterday.
German submarine activity seems high, with sightings near Dogger Bank and radio transmissions detected and decoded, reporting capital ship sightings at 4E, 54.30N. Zeppelins have also been sighted.
Things seem to be stacking us for a major show-down in the North Sea, but curiously there are no reportings yet as to the whereabouts of the Fleet commanders?
Bill Milater, US Naval Attaché, London

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