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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

INTELLIGENGE REPORT - 1710 - 13th September

The British Grand Fleet and German High Seas Fleet are reported to very close to a major engagement, at a postion 3 deg, 55 min East, 55 deg, 40 min North.
The German High Seas Fleet, now some 70 miles NNE of Dogger Bank, was apparently sailing Westward, while the Grand Fleet was initially sailing ESE. Battlecruisers from both sides were in action between 1200 and 1300, before the British turned NE, as shown in the attached plot reconstruction (British Battlecruisers being the most Southerly group). Following the initial action, where a number of Torpedo Boats and Light Cruisers are reported as being sunk, the heading of the German battlecruisers is not yet known.
With visibility already down to 10 miles and still deteriorating and with dusk expected at 1830 and nightfall one hour later, it seems increasingly unlikely that any major action between the Dreadnaughts will occur before first light. There is however the risk that a major melee could ensure in the fading light, which is almost certainly going to favour the High Seas Fleet. One hopes that Jellicoe can now keep his head?

Bill Milater, US Naval Attaché, London
Note: The plot reconstruction was obtained from sources in the Admiralty. Discrepancies between the plot and radio traffic reports is of concern and probably reflects British intelligence skills!?

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