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Sunday, 6 April 2008

“The Trenches” – 1 Day WW1 Sites Tour

Kevin asked me to put something up on the blog concerning a possible group outing to “The Trenches”. Sovereign War Tours, run a one day WW1 sites tour, for £90. I have copied their description below;

Leaving the UK we will travel via the channel Tunnel to Calais .
From Calais the Tour takes us into Belgium and the outskirts of Ypres.
Here will make our first stop at Sanctuary wood and its preserved trenches.
Sanctuary wood is said to have earned its name in October 1914 when it was used as a sanctuary to stragglers waiting to rejoin their units . At this time Sanctuary wood was a relatively quiet area but this was to be short lived and it’s name deemed most inappropriate from November 1914 . Today Sanctuary Wood is considered by many to offer the finest preserved trenches on the Western front .
From Sanctuary wood we will travel the short distance to Sanctuary wood CWGC cemetery containing over 2000 burials .
Our 3rd stop will be the Hooge Crater Museum , because of it’s unique valuable collections housed inside a carefully renovated chapel within peaceful surroundings this museum is considered one of the best private museums on the Ypres Salient . After visiting the Museum you will have time to stop in the adjoining café and enjoy a drink and something to eat .
We will now leave Belgium and make our way into Northern France and the town of Arras here we will make our final stop at Vimy Ridge .
Here you will see the preserved trench lines and monuments that make Vimy Ridge a must for any visit . You will be given the option to experience life underground in one of the preserved underground bunkers and view the hugh bomb craters and front lines
From Vimy we will make our way back to the tunnel before making our way home."

Tour Includes;
- Hill 60
- Hill 62 Canadian Memorial
- The site of Hooge Chateau
- Hooge Crater
- Hooge Crater Cemetery

Sovereign War Tours are based in Eastbourne. Each trip appears to be run using a Ford Galaxy, taking 5 to 6 people. Kevin was wondering what interest there was in arranging a group outing from the club?
I have no personal experience of these people. More info can be found on their web site;
Rather spookily, shortly before Kevin asked me to post this, I was contemplating a ‘self drive’ outing, but over 2 days (1 night away). I may do some more research now and post it later. The Sovereign trip has the advantage of their experience. I think my only reservation would be that they are in Eastbourne, so an early start from Eastbourne, would be an even earlier start from Hitchin!?
If you are interested, juts let Kevin know, so we can gauge numbers? I am certainly interested.

Phil T

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