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Monday, 19 May 2008

AWI Campaign- Successful American Raid

Upon receiving intelligence that the imperial power was constructing yet another weapon of oppression, Colonels Sumter and Clark determined to delay them. The warriors of the Carolina and Georgia miltias, accompanied by Major Davies’ backwoodsmen, marched forth to assail the works.
Arriving at the fort, No.96, they found it complete and strongly garrisoned. But the attack still went in. The cowardly British had hidden troops in the woods, who attacked our forces in the rear. The brave militias attacked into the fort, but were driven back by the vastly superior numbers of the garrison. Only after a hard fought battle did the brave American troops withdraw. Much damage was done to the fort and its supplies.
The Continental Congress has applauded the action. In a statement issued yesterday, it said "This shows that our men, fighting for their land and liberty, can stand up to the much vaunted British mercenaries under the pay of an oppressive government. Only their superior numbers prevented the destruction of the fort."

Chris F

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SimonT said...

Given the resounded success of our forces against the forces of the imperialist oppressors, might I suggest that congress should consider awarding Colonels Sumter and Clark medals as a tangible sign of Congress’s appreciation of their astounding victory?