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Friday, 2 May 2008

Trapped - Another All Things Zombie Game

The stage was set. With the rapid spreading of the ‘Rage’ virus, all essential personnel, and their members of immediate family, are being extracted to a ‘place of safety’. Special Agent Leon has been assigned, to locate and extract, senator’s daughter, Louise Egmonton. After successfully locating her, Leon’s vehicle was rammed and disabled. As the area was full of the “infected”, Leon and Louise took refuge in a nearby apartment block and called for back-up.
Law an order in Beaver City had gone to hell!? Those officers still able to, were congregating at the central headquarters, when the priority call from a government agent came in, requesting emergency extraction for himself and one other VIP. As there were no air assets available for the extraction, two squad cars were despatched.

As the two ‘black & whites’ cruised into the street, the undead started to pour into the road. “Hell thought the officers, what do we do now?”. The radio crackled into life and Special Agent Leon’s strained voice barked out instructions to take the squad cars into the side street, while he and Louise climbed out of a side window of the apartment. The patrol cars swerved around the overturned semi-truck (which was blocking the street) sending undead sprawling, as they ploughed on.

The officers caught sight of the agent and eased the patrol cars toward the pair. “This is going to be tight”, thought the Sergeant, as the undead closed in from all sides, but for some reason they seemed to be hesitating, again and again (get a new dice Dave!)!?. Leon reached the first squad car and thrust Louise into the spare back seat, as the undead threw themselves at the car’s nervous occupants. Whirling round, Leon discharged his pistol at the ghastly approaching ex-human forms, before sprinting for the other squad car. As he reached the car, something really hideous, sprinted from behind a nearby diner, straight for the side of the squad car opposite the agent. Before Leon could react, the officer in the back seat, thrust a pump action shotgun through the window and blasted the creature at point blank range, sending it sprawling into the gutter.
Leon had hoped to escape down the old docks road, but the officers knew that the road was blocked further ahead, so swerving around in the street, the squad cars took off back the way they came, knocking undead aside as they accelerated. However, the driver of the lead car seemed to lose his nerve, as a horde of the undead loomed up, in front of the squad car. A moment’s hesitation was all that another of the clawed demons needed. As the zombies crowded around the squad car, battering their bloodied limbs through the shattered windows, the clawed demon sprinted to the driver’s window and with a single blow, severed the officer’s head from his shoulders. It let forth a high pitch scream, in primeval bloodlust, but before it could strike again, the second squad car pulled alongside and Special Agent Leon sprayed the area with a long blast from his MP5, silencing the creature and scattering undead.
However, the damage had been done. The first car was immobilised and the undead were already clambering in through the windows. One officer was dragged from the rear door and pulled apart, screaming. This was too much for the last officer, who smashed the door into the zombie blocking his way and sprinted down the street in flight.
Although Louise put up a good fight, she too, quickly disappeared under a heap of the ghastly, thriving infected. Leon glanced out of the rear window and wondered just how he was going to explain this one? Perhaps, it was time to consider a new career?

So, another fascinating trip into the mind of the disturbed umpire and a warm welcome to George, in his first game with the club (hope you get a proper game next time!?)

Below are a few other photos, from the more normal games in progress that evening.

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