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Thursday, 26 June 2008

AWI Campaign - British Set Back

British forces seemingly suffered a major set-back today. After pursuing a rebel column to within sight of a fort, the British forces mounted a hasty attack. Initially, the attack went well, with British light infantry forcing the gate. However, as the British main column attempted to reinforce the attack on the gate, it was first stopped in the gateway, then attacked in the flank by a group of rebel riflemen. The British commander rushed forward, to inspire the light troops, now engaged in a life and death struggle inside the fort, but was then trapped inside, as the rebels succeeded in closing the gate. Caught by fire in the flank and rear, the British heavies crowded around the gate, until finally gunned down.
British Columns Arrive in Sight of the Fort
British Light Troops Engage Rebel Cavalry, Both Sides Suffering Losses
British Light Troops Force the Gate
British Light Troops Battle Against the Odds, Inside the Fort
The Main British Heavy Column Receives Surprise Flank Fire
British Heavy Column Trapped at the Gate
British Commander Attempts to Turn the Tide Inside the Fort, but Fails and is Captured
Phil. 26th June 2008

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