Wargaming in Hertfordshire

Monday, 16 June 2008

Popping out for some milk!

Peering out through the mesh screen covered windshield, of what the team called the “Zombie Hunter”, Hank reflected on this latest twist of fate.
6 months had passed since “the Outbreak”. After a rather rocky start, Hank’s little group of survivors had established itself and grown into quite a little community. However, this brought its own problems and recently the processed food supplies had grown increasingly hard to find and now they also had some young kids to feed.
This morning, Wong and a couple of his thugs, had come to the stockade, claiming to have significant quantities of dried milk, including the much needed baby formula. However, they demanded either leadership rights of the group, or some women, in exchange for the precious milk. Negotiations had grown heated and finally got out of hand, resulting in the death of 2 of Hank’s group and the wounding of one of Wong’s group. Wong had fled, closely followed by a quickly assembled a small team of Hank’s survivors. The team tracked Wong and his thugs, to a small riverside freight yard. However it was clear that something had gone wrong, as Wong’s wrecked SUV lay against the damaged fence and 20 or more, “shambler” zombies were now congregating along the fence.
Fortunately all the zombies appeared to be “shamblers”, the slow, cumbersome state, that the infected eventually end up in, after a few weeks of infection. There was no sign of the more agile and dangerous, “Rage Zombies”, the recently infected.
After a brief exchange on the walkie-talkies, the plan was settled and Chris floored the accelerator of the big armoured pick-up truck. However, instead of heading straight for the gates and risking damaging the pick-up trucks, Hank had a plan! Chris swerved the pick-up truck through the first group of zombies, now shambling toward the two oncoming trucks, mashing two into a grizzly pulp.

The two trucks swerved left and headed to the far edge of the freight compound, coming to a stop against the fence. The team quickly scrambled onto the hoods of the pick-up trucks and jumped over the fence. Hank was confident that the “shamblers” would not be able to follow them and the team moved quickly toward the nearest building.

However, just as the team approached the building, from behind them, they could hear an unearthly growling. Hank cursed, ‘Rage zombies’! Four of these red eyed demons sprinted from an alley opposite the parked pick-up trucks. They barely paused, as they leapt onto the pick-up trucks. Fortunately three of them skidded straight of the side of the pick-up truck roof and only one made it over the fence.

Hank made a snap decision, and yelled “Wong must be in the freight office, go, go….get in there!”. The team sprinted across to the barrels arrayed in front of the freight office. Chris skidded to a halt behind some yellow barrels and caught a whiff of gas. Some sixth sense cut in and as Wong’s hood, Chang, thrust his pump action shotgun through the window, Chris dove to one side. The shotgun barked and the gas filled barrels sent a massive fireball skyward.
Chris and Hank were amazed to find themselves alive, but before they could react, Chang’s shotgun spoke again, felling Chris, while Wong’s Uzi blasted from the door, badly wounding Hank.

Just as Hank thought that things could not get any worse, the four pursuing Rage zombies, leapt on the wounded pair.

Meanwhile, two other members of Hank’s team, Chuck and Malone, had reached the rear door of the freight office. Malone threw the door open and Chuck blasted the room with his pump-action. Amazed to find themselves alive, and sensing the ‘game was up’, Wong and Chang fled the freight office, via the front door. The pair sprinted for the hole in the fence, which they had hastily disguised, when the SUV had crashed into the fence.

As the badly wounded Hank empted a magazine from his MP5 at the pair, Wong pulled the wire apart and he and Chang sprinted down the zombie filled street. Somehow the pair weaved their way through the grasping hands of the zombies piling back into the street. They gained the temporary safety of Hank’s pick-up truck, only the find the keys gone! Wong wrenched at the pick-up’s cabling and as the ghastly undead fingers started to pull at the mesh on the windows, he found the temporary repair from the last ‘hot wiring’ and ripped the insulation away, and jammed the wires together. He was rewarded by the engine roaring into life. He rammed it into reverse, crushing rotting flesh, before roaring off down the street. In the rearview mirror, he could see Hank and members of his team dragging a crate of dried milk down the street, covered by deadly fire from Susie’s MP5K. “Good luck to them”, muttered Wong, “they will need it”!

Game run with Savage Worlds Rules.

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