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Friday, 25 July 2008

Field of Glory - Army Lists

With the recent popularity of the new "Field of Glory" ancients rule set, all those dusty little ancient armies seem to be creeping out of the cupboards and boxes! Steve and Pete thought it would be a good idea to try to survey what is out there, just so that any new-comers to the Field and see what they might like to fight, or maybe develop?

So, we have;

Immortal Fire;

  • Alex. Macedonian (Kievan)

  • Early Successor (Kievan)

  • Gallations (Pete)

  • Greeks (Pete)

  • Greco Bachtrian (Kievan)

  • Hellenistic Greek (Kievan)

  • Indo Greek (Kievan)

Rise of Rome;

  • Late Carthaginian (Kievan)

  • Late Macedonian (Kievan)

  • Late Repuplican (Kievan)

  • Parthian (Pete)

  • Pyrrihic (Kievan)

Rome Triumphant;

  • Ancient British (Andy)

  • Anglo Saxon, early (Kievan)

  • Caledonian (Kievan)

  • Frankish, Limigantes, early (Kievan)

  • Pictish (Kievan)

  • Principate Roman (Andy)

  • Scots-Irish, early (Kievan)

Phil T. 26th July 2008

Sunday, 13 July 2008

10th July 2008 - Games

A bit of a mixed bag this week. Chris running a Turks vs Russian slaughter, under The Great War.
John and Kevin engaging in an attractive Blitzkrieg Commander, 1939, Germans vs Poles game.
While the rest of the crew lined-up for a Field of Glory, Rome vs Celts/Picts.

Phil T. 13/7/08