Wargaming in Hertfordshire

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Club Night, 4th Sept

Just a few pics from the selection of games going on last Thursday.
1st up, Jim and Phil in a Napoleonic naval game, using Jim's rather fine 1:1200 miniatures.

The French wait at anchor.

The Royal Navy arrives.
...and forces the gap between the French line and the fort
The game closes with the British being forced too far downwind, while the battered, but unbowed French weigh anchor. A win for Jim's French.

Simon's Kings African Rifles participate in Pete's Crossfire lookalike, ww1 African game.
The German Navy in the African jungle.
The King's African Rifles try to dislodge the Germans.
...but are driven off with significant loss.

Meanwhile, Ian and Colin conducted the first of the Principles of War, Napoleonic league games.