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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Great War, Anzac Style

The Turks (Dave) waited nervously in the outer trenches, while their German allies (Chris), lounged in the fort, drinking schnapps!

The Brit infantry and dismounted cavalry (Simon) 'demonstrated' against the left flank trenches, coming off slightly worst off and suffering badly from the German snipers.
The Anzacs (Phil) then launched a close packed assault, led by two armoured cars. While the armoured cars were quickly neutralised by the Turk field gun, this gun was in turn knocked-out by the combined fire of the British and sole remaining armoured car mounted machine gun.
The massed Anzac infantry then rushed through the scrub, up to the wire. Unfortunately, the Anzac commander had misjudged the thickness of the scrub and the Turkish command bunker machine gun pinned down the entire Anzac force, short of the wire, until a group of Anzac 'bombers' finally succeeded in storming the bunker.
By this time, fire from the Germans, in the fort / central compound, was beginning to take effect and the one Anzac squad that managed to cross the wire, was wiped-out by the remains of the Turkish trench garrison. The one bright spot of the assault, was the VC awarded to Capt Walter (Bruce) Willis, who singlehandedly finished off the celebrating Turks!!
The Turko-German alliance claimed a marginal victory, while the Anzac command were sent on a bunker recognition course!? Many thanks to Tony for organising the game.
Phil T

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