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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Secrets of the Third Reich - Trial Game

OK, bit of a mix-up with who was organising the game, but eventually the Russians and Germans pitched-up for a scrap. Unfortunately, nobody told the Germans that they could bring anything other than infantry. While the Russian infantry hid in the trees (+1 bonus), the Germans tried to force the centre.

After a brief fire-fight, with the Russian snipers coming off second (but not before routing a German squad), the Russian mech thingies and a handy werewolf, succeeded in turning both German flanks. While the German infantry struggled to deal with the mech thingies (having no serious anti-armour) weapons, the werewolf closed in on an unfortunate German squad, who promptly fled!?

The German commander's official statement was "no comment", but was later heard muttering dark things about dodgy rules and rigged scenarios!?
Phil T

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