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Friday, 5 February 2010

PMZ WW2 Campaign 1944-45

This campaign is being fought by members of the club and also by Chris R. who created it. Battles are fought using the 'Arras to the Ardennes' ruleset.


Patton Monty Zhukov ("PMZ”) recreates the final twelve months of World War Two in Europe predicated on a race to take Berlin. The three participants are the US Third Army commanded by General Patton, fighting the German Fifth Panzer Army and then the German First Army; BR Second Army controlled by General/Field Marshal Montgomery, fighting the German Fifth Panzer Army and then the German First Parachute Army; the First Byelorussian Front commanded by Marshal Zhukov, fighting the German Fourth Panzer Army. The Germans are controlled by the same player on all three fronts.

In order to avoid the problems of historical hindsight the situation is not the same as what a contemporary might have anticipated. In reality these armies were not always directly commanded by Patton, Montgomery and Zhukov and they did not always follow the given routes in the given months, however it generally follows the course of the campaigns. Unit designations and OOBs are generically approximate to reality!


The campaign map is divided into a number of areas as a linear approach from the starting points of Caen, Avranches and Gomel to the objective: Berlin. This campaign comprises 12 'monthly' game turns from June 1944 to May 1945. Patton, Monty or Zhukov achieve victory by reaching Berlin no later than any of others; being first gives an outright rather than shared victory. If none of them take it by the end of May 1945 then the German player wins.

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