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Saturday, 4 December 2010

PMZ Campaign: Brest Litovsk 2

Report from General Graser,
commanding Fourth Panzer Army
The second battle for Brest Litovsk, dated Dec 27th 1944
General Balck has been transferred to command Army group G and I have been appointed to command Fourth Panzer Army in his place. Fortunately there have been no major Soviet attacks in this area for 3 months which has given me time to reconstitute my forces.

I deployed the veteran 72nd infantry division on high ground dominating the main communications with their left protected by marshy ground, inpassable to vehicles. Their right was covered by elements of the newly arrived 254th infantry division with tanks from the 16th Panzer division which was in reserve.
The expected Soviet attack came just as the ground froze, making the marsh crossable and exposing the left of the 72nd. I immediately reinforced them with the JgElefants of Pz-Abt 512 and two companies of Jg Panthers, easily capable of stopping T34s.

After the usual massive artillery bombardment, a mass of Soviet tanks and infantry attacked our centre. Despite taking heavy casualties, the Soviets continued to attack, using a new type of T34 which appeared able to damage our vehicles. They also had large numbers of JSIIs, ISU152s and SU85s.
The view from behind the German positions. The Soviets have overrun the 72nd Inf who are retreating back on their line of communication. The 16th Panzer are endeavouring to hold the line but have lost many of their tanks by this stage.
Even with a gallant defence, eventually their numbers told and the 72nd were forced back, the 254th also giving way as they were in danger of being outflanked. Despite a valiant counterattack by 16th Pz Division, nothing could stop the tide of men and machines.
With this Soviet breakthrough in the centre, I ordered a strategic withdawal to my next defence line.

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