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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

PMZ Campaign: Warsaw

Report from General Graser,
commanding Fourth Panzer Army
The battle for Warsaw, dated Jan 24th 1945
Having been informed of the success of General Obstfelder against the Americans, I decided, like him, to place most of my units in concealed fortified positions lining the river with fields of fire commanding the ground in front.
Having lost all my heavy tank hunters in the previous battle, I deployed the 16th Pz Division in the centre guarding the river crossing, the 72nd Infantry Division on the left and the 254th Infantry Division on the right with its right flank protected by a large lake.
The Soviets attacked in force all along the line, their heaviest tanks in the centre. The first attack was driven back mainly by the Panthers of 16th Panzer, however they soon regrouped and attacked again. This time the Soviets were more successful, disabling many of the Panthers. All three German divisions fought stubbornly and the Soviets were again thrown back.
The Soviets then attacked for the third time. The units on the left were clearly exhausted and were easily held by the 72nd Infantry, however, the Guards Tank Corps in the centre, with JSIIs and ISU152s forced the 16th Panzer to withdraw, enabling them to cross the river. The 254th were then forced to give way as they were in danger of being outflanked.

The view from behind the German positions. The 72nd Infantry Division on the left have held the Soviets. 16th Pz have withdrawn in the centre and the Soviets have crossed the river in force.
I considered making a counter attack with my final reserve of armoured engineers together with the few remaining tanks. However, with little chance of success and the probable destruction of the entire Korps, I decided to give up Warsaw and withdraw in good order to my next defence line where I could regroup my units.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

PMZ Campaign: Troyes 1

Report from General Obstfelder,
commanding First Army
The battle for Troyes, dated January 20th 1945

The river being the best defence line available, I decided to place most of my units in concealed fortified positions lining the river with fields of fire commanding the open ground in front. The Americans attacked in the centre right, throwing wave after wave of units against the 2nd Panzer division and elements of the 352nd Infantry division who steadfastly stood their ground. An advance on the extreme right was held up by heavily forested ground. An advance over the frozen swamp on the extreme left was stopped and eventually thown back by heavy fire from the 189th infantry division.
Eventually the advance on the exteme right outflanked the 352nd whose morale now gave way and they retreated. This in turn precipitated the retreat of the heavily pressed 2nd Panzer division from the vital river crossing, now that its flank was exposed.

The view from behind the German positions. The 189th Infantry Division on the left have repulsed the Americans. 2nd Pz are driving back the Americans in the centre. The Americans on the right have advanced across the river.
At this point I suffered a serious head wound so information is sketchy but it appears that the Americans were now exhausted having suffered very heavy casualties. Some infantry and recon advanced across the river but a counter attack by elements of the now unopposed 189th infantry division together with the remaining tanks of 2nd Pz stopped them and eventually drove them back across the river. The few Americans who had crossed the river on the right were withdrawn at this point.
I hope to rejoin my command before the next attack on the riverline.