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Thursday, 21 July 2011

PMZ Campaign: Lodz

Report from General Graser,
commanding Fourth Panzer Army
The battle for Lodz, dated Mar 20th 1945

I deployed the newly arrived Grossdeutchland division on my left, with its flank protected by a large lake. The 16th Pz Division was in the centre on a line of hills, the 72nd Infantry Division on the right with its flank protected by wooded ground.
The Soviets began their attack in the centre with the Guards tank corps with its JSIIs, ISU152s and new SU100s. This attack was driven back mainly by the Panthers of 16th Panzer. On the right, the 72nd Infantry kept the Russian infantry at bay.

The view from behind the German positions. The Panthers on the hills have driven back the Russian guards in the centre although some of 16th Pz have retired with considerable damage. Grossdeutchland on the left have made a tactical withdrawal.

The Soviets then attacked on the left with a Polish division supported by tank brigades and the Red airforce. With the 16th Panzer occupied by a renewed attack by the guards, Grossdeutchland began to give ground. Russian infantry then used amphibious vehicles to cross the lake. The guards were again driven back but the Poles broke through and overran the main supply dumps.
I considered the position to be untenable so requested permission to withdrew towards Gorzow. Taking no reply as an affirmative I immediately withdrew.

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