Wargaming in Hertfordshire

Friday, 23 September 2011

Incursion Comes to Blackwolf

Last night saw an entertaining Grindhouse Incursion game between Pete and Andy. Andy mounted a very effective 'overlapping fires' policy with 2xHMG and 2x'Grunt' APEs, neatly sidelining Pete's one Blitzhund with a roof 'cave in'.

However, Pete managed to sneak a few of his Bombie Zombies up to a couple of Andy's APEs, weakening them enough for a mass Zombie rush.

The game ended with Andy managing to push is last remaining HMG APE to successfully close and lock the second of the three doors he had to seal, before marching into a red mist of HMG fire shreaded Storm Zombie, almost reaching the last zombie entry door, before being finally swamped. A fine hour for the 7th, despite the eventual German win!

Last stand of the HMG APE!
Phil T. 23rd Sep 2011

Friday, 9 September 2011

PMZ Campaign: Hamburg

Report from General Schlemm,
commanding First Parachute Army
The battle for Hamburg, dated April 30th 1945
Having withdrawn to the Elbe, I have had little time to prepare my defences before the inevitable British attack. I still have the Panthers of the 101st Pz Brigade and I have also been allocated two companies of JgPanthers from the training schools, unfortunately they have little fuel or ammunition.
My right is resting on a large lake where I have placed a force consisting of Stugs and Panzer Grenadiers of the 116th Pz Divn supported by Volksturm and one company of JgPanthers. The 553rd Volksgrenadier Divn is holding a line of hills on the left with attached Stugs and JgPanthers. In reserve is the remainder of 116th Pz Divn with the Panthers.

The British attack is beginning on the right. Here a single infantry battalion supported by JgPanthers holds, then throws back an infantry division supported by Sherman and Churchill tanks. Meanwhile a second British division is occupying a village on the far side of the river but is unable to cross due to heavy fire. Unnerved by this unexpected reverse, the attack appears to be faltering.

Now the British airforce attack in strength and they renew the attack on the right with another division, meanwhile sending amphibious units across the lake. The defending battalion has taken heavy losses, and at last retires, forcing the JgPanthers to retire as well. Taking advantage of this development, an armoured division is advancing on the left while the division in the centre has at last forced its way across the river.

The view from behind the German positions. The units defending the right have retreated, leaving the British in control of the village. Many British units are queing to cross the river. Some units of the 553rd Volksgrenadier Divn are holding the high ground against the British armoured division on the left. The reserve Panthers and Panzer grenadiers are about to move into action.

The Volksgrenadiers are retreating from the British armour, their single battalion of Stugs destroying many of the new Comet tanks before being itself destroyed.
I order the 116th Pz Divn to counter attack but they have been met by a wave of British armour and infantry.
German units are retreating all along the line with only a Panzer Grenadier battalion still intact, defending the supply centre.
Reports are confused but the Panthers appear to have retreated. Comet tanks are reported near my command post ..... ......... attacking ... ......... heavy fire ...... ..... overrun ........... ............

This was the final report by General Schlemm before his capture by our forces. With the destruction of First Parachute Army, and all available reserves being committed to Operation Spring Awakening in the East, there were no forces available to prevent us entering Berlin in early May. The British army is now occupying the Seelow heights while negotiations continue with the Soviets.