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Friday, 23 September 2011

Incursion Comes to Blackwolf

Last night saw an entertaining Grindhouse Incursion game between Pete and Andy. Andy mounted a very effective 'overlapping fires' policy with 2xHMG and 2x'Grunt' APEs, neatly sidelining Pete's one Blitzhund with a roof 'cave in'.

However, Pete managed to sneak a few of his Bombie Zombies up to a couple of Andy's APEs, weakening them enough for a mass Zombie rush.

The game ended with Andy managing to push is last remaining HMG APE to successfully close and lock the second of the three doors he had to seal, before marching into a red mist of HMG fire shreaded Storm Zombie, almost reaching the last zombie entry door, before being finally swamped. A fine hour for the 7th, despite the eventual German win!

Last stand of the HMG APE!
Phil T. 23rd Sep 2011

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