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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Glenn’s Last Raid – Savage Worlds Based Zombie Game

The zombie horde had not had an outing at Black Wolf for a while, so time to try out the new Deep Cut mat and a couple of terrain pieces.

The scenario was that one of our Walking Dead style gang, Glenn, had snuck into the city on a solo salvage mission after a cache of guns and ammo hidden in a survivalist’s basement. Glenn has some pretty unique skills in terms of sneaking his way past the Zs, as well as opening locked doors without making a lot of noise! Glenn located the house and recovered the stash, however then things went wrong, as Glenn was ambushed by some thugs with handguns. He took a bullet to the leg, but managed to hobble into a nearby shanty town, pursued by a group of Zs and the thugs. He managed to hide in an old school bus (purchase from a recent holiday) and called for back-up.

So, the scenario was intended to open with a the heroes sneaking out of a nearby subway exit, silently overcome the couple of zombies in the street and undercover of the group’s able sniper, mount an extraction mission to rescue Glenn from the Zombies and the handgun touting thugs.

Well, like all my zombie games, nothing ever goes to plan. No, our heroes emerge from the subway like a horde of Arnold Schwarzeneggers from the film “Commando”. Well, even the Zombies were complaining about the noise! Within a few turns Zombies were streaming onto the street from Zombie Spawn points, attracted by all that gunfire. Soon our heroes were retreating back up the street in a wonderful recreation of the film Zulu, gunning down the oncoming Zombie horde, but not fast enough.

By this time Glenn had had enough and snuck out the back door of the bus and away from the few Zombies left near the bus and the handgun touting thugs. The thugs then simply crept out of the  garage they were hiding in, scooped up the bag of ammo that Glenn had dropped and legged it, happy boys!

So, as usual, not something one expected, but that is half the fun. Besides the new mat and the New York School bus, the game also allowed me to get the new TT Combat ‘Abandoned Apartment’ in the photos.  Nice model, cheap, but nicely done.

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