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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Spanish Sharpe Practice 2

This Thursday saw the Spanish guerrillas making an appearance on the table, using the Too Fat Lardies Sharpe Practice 2 rules. We played “sweep the table”, with the French foraging for supplies and the Spanish guerrillas trying to stop them.
The French dragoons dashed forward, catching Julian Sanchez’s lancers at the stand. However French dice rolling was not great and the Dragoons lost by 1 and got pushed back. Meanwhile, the French light infantry dashed forward to occupy the central farm (and seize some pigs!). However two groups of Spanish Militia rolled forward and delivered two very effective volleys, driving the French light infantry from the walls. Meanwhile Sanchez’s lancers charged the recoiling Dragoons, routing them.

With the Dragoon’s routed and the Light infantry retiring, the main French column, still labouring at the rear (suffering from some appalling activation chit pulling), decided to about-face and retire. So ended the first Sharpe Practice 2 outing for the Spanish.

Lessons learned: Militia seem too powerful. Yes, they can be hard to manoeuvre and once you start them firing, they won’t stop. However, 10 muskets per group make them quite effective. The French ‘light column’ needs more   leaders. With only 3 leaders, when one is attached to the Dragoons and one to the light infantry, then the 3 groups of regular infantry have to be led by one leader.

Elsewhere in the club, we had Konflikt ’47, which appeared to be receiving a mixed reception. The was also a very pretty WW1 tank game underway.


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