Wargaming in Hertfordshire

Friday, 6 January 2017

1st New Year Games Night

Our first Black Wolf post New Year games night saw quite a diversity of games. Rob & I played X Wing (a new acquisition of mine). Played out between Rebel X Wings and some Slaver scum (2 Y Wings and a Firespray). This was played out on my new Artistic Impressions mat, amongst my home made asteroids.

Things were not looking good for the Rebels, who were quickly down on X Wing. However, Boda Fett was having a spot of trouble with asteroids, clipping most of them. Finally the remaining X Wing pair landed a couple of solid blows and the Slaver scum started to crumble.

Elsewhere Chris and Mal were playing Frostgrave (but we don't talk about that!). A group of stalwarts played ECW and in the opposite corner Colin was running another skirmish game of Song of Drums & Shakos.

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