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Saturday, 4 February 2017

26th Jan 2017: To The Strongest: Perperna in Spain

Another great game of To The Strongest and the first outing of my Victrix Sertorian Roman / Spanish army. Perperna had four Roman legionary units and a selection of Lusitanian allies. Opposed to him was a Spanish / Celtiberian army.

Fred’s Spanish/Celtiberian army opened by trying to push both flanks of the Sertorian force, with some success. This drew troops from the Sertorian centre and started to stretch their line. At this point the ‘deep’ Celtiberian units launched forward. The Sertorian legionaries held for a while, but then one of the Celtiberian units broke through and the Sertorian line started to collapse. Next time Sertorius himself will have to lead his force!

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