Wargaming in Hertfordshire

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Zombie Game, Gun Raid

Another zombie game, run using my modified version of Savage Worlds rules.
Our group of heroes started holed-up in a local liqour store, after being ambushed by a group of handgun armed thugs. Worse still for our heroes, the valuable bag of guns lay out in the square, where it had been dropped.

Tony's group of heroes opened the game, by slipping out the back door of the liquour store and down a side alley into the square, ready to make a dash for the gun bag.

However, Simon's thugs then tumbled into the street, deploying behind a police car, ready to prevent the heroes grabbing the bag. Sadly for our thugs, they quickly became embroiled in a close range melee with a few scatted zombies, attracted by the gunfire.

Our heroes then made a coordinated dash for the gun bag, 3 of them sweeping the street with automatic gunfire and shotgun blasts and causing the thugs to dive for cover behind a bus shelter on the far side of the square, while one ran to grab the bag.

However, all this gun fire was beginning to attract some serious zombie attention! The zombies tumbling into the square in significant numbers. One of Simon's thugs quickly went down to a zombie horde and the others were lucky to fight off another new source of zombies.

All was beginning to look a bit easy for Tony's heroes, but just as his man grabbed the gunbag, he was momentarily paralysed with fear (nasty event card from Eileen!). This required Tony's other characters to have to start spraying the street with buckshot and AR15 rounds. This cleared the immediate zombie threat, but was starting to attract even more zombies.

Tony's heroes grabbed the gun bag and sprinted for the subway station escape route, racing a massive zombie horde now coming from the other direction and still pursued by Simon's thugs!
The heroes almost reached the subway station entrance, before being caught by the new zombie horde. Tony's figure carrying the gun bag fell to a pack of zombies and the other heroes were forced to dash for the safety of the subway station entrance, slamming the gate behind them, but leaving the much needed gun bag behind them.

Simon's thugs, sheltering in another bus shelter, watched the horrific melee and wondered whether they could still grab the  gun bag, but by this time, the place was now swarming with zombies, so they quietly slid away.
So, a rare win for the zombies, controlled by Chris & Eileen, sharing winning honours with one human kill each.