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Saturday, 22 April 2017

DC Universe

This Thursday saw the heroes of the DC Universe come to Black Wolf. I took Capt America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor. Chris took Superman, Batman, Flash (Jnr), Green Arrow and Wonder Woman.
The game opened with Chris sending Superman to beat-up the Black Widow, after she had infiltrated the game board to try to steal an objective crystal. This theme was to continue for the rest of the game, with Superman continuing to pick on somone much smaller than him, rather than face the big boys!

Meanwhile Iron Man and Flash Junior, set to, on the other side of the table, with Iron Man coming off worst. Thor then moved into confront Wonder Woman, only to collect a skip in the face for his troubles!

So the Hulk then bounded into the centre of the table, to confront Batman, but being in a bit of a foul mood, Hulk hurled a School bus at Batman, sending him flying back across the table!

Having slipped away from Superman, the Black Widow managed to link up with Capt America, to try to fight off the unwelcome attentions of the rather annoying Superman.

At this point, Iron Man decided he had had enough of Flash Jnr and headed for the new bundle in the centre of the table, featuring Hulk and Thor vs Wonder Woman. Well, she must be some tough cookie as she laid out Thor and fended off Iron Man, while withstanding Hulk's 'smashes', all without really putting a hair out of place!
By this time, the heroes of Marvel had had enough. Thor skipped off to lick his wounds, Iron Man flew off to recharge his batteries, Capt America was tied up stopping Superman hitting-on Black Widow, so the Win went to team Chris.

Elsewhere, Spaniards under Simon, were dishing out a drubbing to Mal's French, under Sharpe Practice 2, in a game run by Dave. The poor Gallic souls never really got off the start line and took a terrible pounding, before the Spanish eventually blew up the bridge, denying them their objective.

Opposite was a Cold War game of 'Tank Wreck', being partly umpired by Tony, who had only partially read the rules! Could not really tell what was happening though?

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