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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Salute 2017

Well, another year of 'not' going to Salute and not spending lots of cash! Every year it is the same, I decide I just can't face the crazy queues, huge dangerous back packs wielded by sociopath lunatics and rubbish lighting. But we still go. This year the queuing system was better, but car parking was up to £20!? We timed it perfectly, or so we thought. People had just started going in, when we joined. 30 minutes later we were finally in! The organisers had done a pretty good job, but had not accounted for the ability of humans to get in through the entrance and then immediately stop!?
There was a pretty good selection of games. Traders are inevitably biassed toward 'box shifters' (got to pay for the huge stand charges somehow), but there were at least a few 'new' things to see. I came away with a copy of Blitzkrieg Commander III and the new Battlegroup Tobruk supplement, among a pile of other stuff.

Simon even found a new friend. Something to do with sharing hair styles!

There were some very nice looking games, but really the lighting does not allow photographs that do them justice. Still, here are a couple of pics of a very nice Cold War 'gone hot' game. Some further inspiration Greg!

Editorial apology: I should have mentioned Rob's efforts in umpiring Thursday's DC Universe game.

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