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Friday, 21 July 2017

Buck Rogers Comes to Black Wolf

My little alternative X-Wing project came to the table last night. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was a childhood favourite of mine and I was convinced that X-Wing would make a good set of rules to bring Buck and Wilma to the wargames table.
Sourcing some models proved a bit easier than expected. I spotted Butlers Printed Models in a Wargames journal and made an enquiry. Pete was very helpful and in no time at all, I had my hands on 6 Thunderfighters and 6 Marauders. Pete 3D printed these in two parts, which were pretty easy to clean up and stick together. After painting, it was a matter of making up some movement dial alternatives and some bases.

The game scenario had 4 Earth Directorate Thunderfighters searching the asteroid belt, looking for a hidden relay transmitter, passing messages from a spy on Earth. This transmitter had to be located and destroyed, but 6 Draconian Marauder fighters had different ideas.

The Buck Rogers and Wilma proved remarkably able to locate the transmitter, even if their shooting proved less successful. Never-the-less we managed to play 4 games, with the Earth Directorate Thunderfighters planting the two required critical hits, before the Draconians could penetrate all the Thunderfighter's shields, even it got close a couple of times!

Next project, combine some 1:350 AH-1s and some F14s, to create some Scorpion fighters!

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