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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Battlegroup, Golan Heights

Day two of fighting on the Golan. A company of Syrian T55s with infantry support push on towards the edge of the Golan plateau. Just outside a small abandoned village they spot a trio of Israeli Centurions hunkered down.

The T55s fan out. One troop starts up the road but fairly soon two smoking pyres litter the tarmac. Syrian off table heavy mortars try to provide support but something appears wrong with the radios.....

Better luck on the left flank where some of the Syrian APCs rush into an olive grove and seem to deploy with small suitcases. Very strange. The other Syrian tanks also cautiously creep round this flank.

In the distance dust clouds reveals the arrival of Israeli reinforcements.

Syrian infantry advance into the village taking several buildings. A cautious game of cat and mouse with multiple overwatch situations.

Finally the Israeli gunners try some long range shots. Pretty ineffective. The Syrian infantry with suitcases respond with what are anti/tank missiles. One tank pinned and another destroyed! The Syrian mortars finally find their radios and range in on the Israelis destroying a half track and its infantry.

A Centurion within the village finally gets a shot on a T55. A hit but only a pin. The morale tests gets a successful call of duty. Two AP shells both score "6" and the "8" die roll despatches it. Inshallah!

As night falls the Israelis pull back with their battle-rating badly depleted.....

A good game and nice to see the 15mm Arab-Israeli stuff on the table. I must admit I always recall Golan as mainly armour not infantry but what the hell. I think a few more tweaks to the rules/stats but nearly there. If I can crack 1:300 rules I may still do 1973 in that scale.

On other fronts.....
Good to see TtS in use on another table and they seemed to be enjoying it. I hear Mr Miller has just re-written the Polybian list making the Roman legionaries "harder". Must check that out!

Tony ran his game of "Sharpe Malpractice" ( thanks to Greg for that one), which I understand saw Chris' American rebels give Rob's gallant Brits a sound thrashing. Chris enjoys thrashings.....nuff said!

Finally "Hammerin' Iron" 1/600 ACW naval. Totally forgotten that I have a bespoke mat and two complete fleets for this. Must dig it out some time.....

So, on Partizan on Sunday. Simon.

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