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Friday, 4 August 2017

Operation Martlet (Probe into Fontenay) - Chain of Command

This engagement was the first scenario in the Too Fat Lardies Operation Marlet pint sized campaign for Chain of Command. The engagement saw a platoon of British infantry from the 11th Royal Scots Fusiliers pitted against a platoon of German panzergrenadiers from the 26th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment, supported by a Panzer IV.

The initial patrol phase went well for both sides with the British managing to get a foothold in the house and walled garden on the western edge of the table. The Germans started in the main farmhouse building in the centre of their lines and also behind the Calvary to the east of the farmhouse.

The British deployed their first section in the walled garden and immediately started throwing smoke grenades to provide cover.

In retaliation the Germans deployed two MG42 teams in the ruined farmhouse.

The Germans remained transfixed by the mystical moving wall of smoke and were only brought back to reality when a Vickers team appeared in the open directly in front of their position. The Germans quickly reacted and fire from both MG42s quickly neutralised the threat. The parting comment from the British platoon commander was “at least they don’t count towards my platoon loses as they were only a support”.

The British slowly marched their troops towards the German lines under cover of seemingly endless smoke. The Germans decided at this point to move a jump off point into the orchard behind the ruined farmhouse and deploy a section of SS in the hedgerow, hoping to ambush the British as they moved into the open.

The British deployed a second Vickers team but this time thought that putting it in cover would be a better idea. With nothing else to shoot at the MG teams in the farmhouse opened up on it and caused significant shock. However the Vickers responded in kind and slightly wounded one of the MG loaders.

To add extra firepower to the prospective ambush the Germans now deployed their dug in Panzer IV but as soon as it appeared a PIAT team tried to destroy it in ambush.. However it was not to be and there were grumblings of “Barn Door” and “Mattress Springs” heard in the British lines.
The British managed to roll a double move and with the Germans not on overwatch a mad dash was made for the German baseline.

The game ended at this point as the British had managed to get at least one team off the German baseline.

The fate of the poor German FOO, who only managed to crawl out his funk hole after the action was over, is unknown. Terrain and Brits from Dave's collection (figures FAA) and the Germans were supplied by Simon (figures from Britannia Miniatures).

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