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Friday, 1 September 2017

Arzamene, To the Strongest

In the year of our Lord 421AD the forces of Theodosius were defeated on the plain of Arzamene…..so will read the history.

The Romans were comprehensively outscouted, so advantage now lay with the followers of Ahura Mazda.

The Sassanid left flank General then advanced with uncharacteristic boldness and soon Rob had his elephants and cavalry in action with the weaker Roman right. With TtS’s two unluckiest Generals now facing each other, someone’s luck would have to change! However, the fates now seemed aligned against Greg's Romans.

In the centre Dave's Sassanids advanced towards the massed Roman infantry. Lance vs pilum. This would not end well for someone.

On the Sassanid right their small, bearded General manoeuvred around the woods with his light cavalry and pushed his heavies forward toward Eileen's veteran superior numbers of heavy cavalry.  Interesting tactics…!?

Back on the Sassanid left, their advance continued relentlessly with the Romans being pressed back and eventually most of their forces ended up being retired off the table, leaving the heroic Clibanarii to finally succumb to a flank charge.  Demoralisation for the right wing!

Dave's Sassanids did eventually manage to punch a hole in the centre but seemed reluctant to follow up as the Legionaries maintained a frustratingly solid line elsewhere.

On the far right flank the Sassanids were starting to get the upper hand over the more aggressive Romans and were starting to outmanoeuvre and kill units. However, the small hairy Sassanid General’s gloating may be leading to marital issues, I look forward to visiting him in hospital!

With both Roman flanks in now in disarray and the centre in danger of collapse the Romans conceded the field. The Arzamene campaign was over.

It was slightly surprising that neither side played their stratagem, as both cards would have been useful in this game. However, both sides seemed intent on rummaging through the chit bags, trying to find the most inappropriate scores!

The “Even Stronger V3” 'Group Move' and Rout Test rules seemed to work, and the understanding that units cannot be rallied in a zone of control made life a little more complicated with more opportunity to exploit a success.

All players will undoubtedly be glad to hear that Simon's finger is recovering well from its impaling on a Roman cavalryman’s upright spear…..It is probably in better shape than Mr Banks nether regions, following his victorious gloating!

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Chris Banks said...

Excellent game all round with the Sassanid right flank/Roman left flank hanging in the balance for a while before the Sassanids finally got the upper hand. My wife, being more forgiving than the write up implies took the defeat in good grace and is looking forward to a re-match.