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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Poland 1939, Battlegroup

This evening's game was Poland 1939, using Battlegroup.
Rather than the usual Blitzkrieg, with the 'all concurring' Germans rolling over the brave Poles, this one was to see the Poles on the counter-attack...... well almost!
The strong German picket line held the village edge and the open ground to the right of the village. Realising they likely faced stiff opposition from MG fire and artillery, the Polish rushed as many tanks as their meagre orders would allow, forward toward the village. However, only two TKS tankettes made it. The 3 Vickers tanks were burning or pinned from a devastating German artillery strike.
Sadly the two brave Polish tankettes were quickly mopped up by 3 Panzer II reinforcements, sweeping around the left flank.
The Poles then changed tack and deployed massed infantry in a near suicidal attempt to storm the village. However, once again the German guns simply pinned the Polish infantry and those that did manage to struggle through the shrapnel storm, were quickly driven back by MG34 fire from the village itself.

At this point the Polish command wisely decided to withdraw, noting that an attack on a prepared defensive position, into artillery, across a narrow front, was some advice that appeared to be missing from the tactical manual!!
Elsewhere we had a SAGA game with Normans vs Welsh, with the Welsh seemingly getting right up the Norman noses!

Further down the hall we had Jim's rather interesting looking Japanese game and across the way, John's AWI game.

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