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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Thursday, 12th October

Another eclectic games night at Black Wolf.

First off, Dave & Phil were trying out Viking Dux, from the Christmas 2012 Lardies Special.

This Viking Dux game was fun. Dave and I both struggled with how to use the rather unruly Berserkers. Mine ran off straight into Dave’s levy, as soon as he advanced the levy and who's leader had not yet had time to form them into shieldwall. After a couple of rounds and a few dead on each side, my berserkers were driven back. This then caused Dave’s berserkers to charge at my rebuffed berserkers and then having then driven them from the field, Dave’s Berserkers immediately charged headlong into Ragnar and his elite hirdsmen! These berserkers just keep going until they fail in combat! Entertaining, but of limited military utility to both sides, as we used them!? However, the MDF chit activation is much easier than trying to "shuffle" a deck of 8 cards (thanks Warbases). Vikings now make a really nice addition to the Dux repertoire.

Meanwhile on a table across the way and sometime around 236BC…..

Following the 1st Punic War the Carthaginians are seeking to expand in Iberia and grow a territory to economically exploit and re-build to challenge the power of Rome.

The forces of Carthage and their Iberian allies ( Simon and Malcolm) took on a surly Spanish force ( Chris and Tony).  Choosing the army had been quite interesting as it is the Carthaginian army pre-Hannibal and has some limitations in troop selection; hence why Simon had some true “Spanish allies”.

The game began well with the forces of civilisation winning the scouting. So Tony and Chris deployed first.  Disaster in turn 1 as the Carthaginians quickly drew two 1s to end their turn. Spanish triumphalism was short lived as they too drew quickly drew a 1. Eileen looked on with grim amusement, and we could sense the spirit of Greg ("I've found all the 1s") in the room.

The two left wings both cavalry-heavy quickly advanced and started to win their  own battles. The centre turned into a hard battle of attrition for the infantry.

Casualties steadily mounted for both sides and we thought it was all over for us when the Spanish camp fell. Miraculously a unit of elite Balearic slingers charged the Spanish light cavalry in the flank and destroyed them recapturing the camp and saving Malcolm’s Spanish from demoralisation.

By 21.30 both sides were down to only 3 victory medals each. It was clear that this would be the final turn……something would have to give. The Gallic mercenaries in the centre made one final charge for the Carthaginian camp and glory….only to fail and die heroically in the Spanish counter-attack giving victory to the Spanish.

Once again an excellent game that proved what a good set of rules TtS is.

Elsewhere we had some Peter Pig Square Bashing (sorry no photo), a game of Congo and a interesting ECW game. Another mixed night at Black Wolf.

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