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Saturday, 25 November 2017

We thought we would try something different with To The Strongest (TtS); an "ambush"! A scenario for Tribola (147BC) was published in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy #92. Eileen, Chris & Tony formed up the Roman column pursuing Viriathus' Lusitanians into the valley, only to find it a trap.

The Lusitanians, under Viriathus (Simon), waited in the hills to the South and West of the ponderous Roman column. The "ambush" under TtS was represented by the Lusitanians being able to set up only 2 squares from the Roman flank. The Lusitanian infantry commands, under Simon & Dave fell upon the 2nd and 3rd Roman command flanks, with Chris's 2nd Roman command suffering particularly badly.

However, the planned move of the Lusitanian cavalry (Phil), sweeping down from the head of the the valley, to threaten the Roman baggage train, rather stalled with a '1' activation chit first out of the bag. This failure to sieze the moment was only matched by Eileen's inability to get the Roman vanguard in motion!

Tony employed this borrowed time well, before the Lusitanian cavalry arrived, to back 3 of the 4 carts off the table (Tony - Ox drawn carts did not actually have a reverse gear!). He also started to reorganise the Roman rear, who started to progressively roll-up Dave's right hand Lusitanian command.

By this time, Chris's 2nd Roman command was demoralised, but Eileen was starting to turn the Roman Vanguard around, putting some real pressure on Simon's central Lusitanian infantry command, Simon managing to pull 3 consecutive '1's in combat!

To relieve the pressure on Viriathus, the Lusitanian heavy cavalry fell upon the now exposed rear of the Roman vanguard, while the numerous Lusitanian light cavalry started to harass the rear of the two rearmost Roman commands. However, Tony brought his Roman heavy cavalry round to chase off the Lusitanian light cavalry, frustratingly chasing many off the table, only to find them coming back just a few squares away!

Victory medals on both sides were now getting scarce and it was left to the Lusitanian heavy cavalry to crash into the exposed flank of the Roman vanguard cavalry, in order to claim the last 2 Roman Victory Medals. Victory to the Lusitanians!!

Another very close run game under TtS and the ambush made a nice change from the usual pitched battle, well the Lusitanians thought so, even if the Roman's did not quite share their enthusiasm!

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