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Friday, 1 December 2017

From “honest Simon, an educated, upright god-fearing man”……

And so, the forces of God and Parliament met the army of the Godless and Tyranny somewhere in England.  Parliament looked outnumbered; but right would prevail.
And so it looked after turn one. The Royalist left wing cavalry under Goring ( or was that Goering) decided that fighting was not for them, and so left the advance to their cavalry in “the left centre” and the infantry on the center-right.
The Parliamentary Cavalry , fortified by the Lord advanced on the Royalists, and aided by the Godlike Umpire’s rules interpretation, soon seemed to be destroying the front rank. Aussie whingeing pointed out that the umpire had made a tiny mistake and units were restored.
The infantry battle became a true slugging match, with the Parliamentarians stoutly defending the ridge. However ultimately, numbers told and the Royalists broke the line capturing objectives. On the Parliamentarian right the forces of God held the water mill, but could not hold the church which anchored their left flank. It did not matter. It was an Anglican church (a tad early in history) and hence a nest of vipers.  
The cavalry battle too became a war of attrition albeit with more manoeuvre. Swedish tactics battled Dutch tactics in the pell-mell of combat, and no clear victor despite the Royalist advantage in numbers. Will Goring ever command again or will he retreat to his booze and bordellos?
As darkness closed in the battle ended with a marginal Royalist victory which even the slothful Goring described as “Pyrrhic”.  A moral victory for God and Parliament.
An interesting game. It obviously took far longer than a TtS ancients game.  We hadn’t actually finished by the time we “drew stumps” at 10.00. That said we had far more units in play.  I reckon the Parliamentarians had a minimum of 30.  The mechanisms and “record keeping” seems more time consuming than ancients, but that could be just unfamiliarity with the rules.  

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