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Friday, 22 December 2017

Tanks! at Christmas

Well, it was Christmas games night, so while a large game of Spartacus raged in one corner and a rather raucus game of Robot Rally in the other, Brian, Dave and I were indulging in the game that lets you get those lovely 15mm tanks on the table and roll some dice, Tanks! (By Gale Force Nine).
Brian fielded 2 Tiger Is and a Panther. Dave and I were fielding 2 Sherman Vs, a Sherman Firefly, a Cromwell and an Achilles. The game was 'king of the hill', with the aim of having one of our tanks within one arrow length of the objective uncontested for 3 turns.
The Germans cautiously advanced into the village, while the Allies dashed forward, the 3 Shermans seeking cover among the houses, while the Cromwell sprinted around the German right flank and the Achilles sought to snipe and cautiously retire at the Panther.
What started as a good plan, quickly turned into a melee. The Panther was knocked out first, closely followed by a Sherman. By this time the 2 Tigers were sitting contemptuously on the objective, with the backs to the remaining Shermans. After losing the second Sherman V, the allies were forced to throw all the remaining armour into the scrap and the Tiger's 8 hit points was going to win out.
Gulp! Sherman discovers that the village is occupied!
Closing melee / forthcoming tank graveyard scene!

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