Wargaming in Hertfordshire

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Some new build projects

Just a few pictures from a couple of recent build projects. Nice models, so worth passing on some details.

First off, some Battle Scale 10mm buildings.

As part of my Kallistra Hexon II WW2 project, I bought this set of 10mm Battle Scale buildings. Painted up, these look very nice and should fit nicely in a 4" hex.


Next off, the Wargames Tournaments 28mm Church

A fairly basic, but nice 28mm church model from Wargames Tournaments. I have detailed it, ie, rendered the walls with filler and sand and built up the tower crenelletions, but the model goes together well and is a good size. Great if you want a multipurpose church that isn't too big and is reasonably priced.


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