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Friday, 23 March 2018

Battlegroup Tobruk

Battlegroup Tobruk.

Set in 1941, the game saw a British attack column attempting to force its way up toward Tobruk, from the South, while an Afrika Korps armoured column moved to intercept from the North East.

The Germans (Simon) went first and moved a pair of Pak 50s to cover the likely exit route from the village, located at the centre of the table, while deploying a platoon of Panzer IIIs onto the hill overlooking the village.

The British (Tony) then deployed a platoon of Honeys rapidly up the road, into cover to the West of the village, while a single Matilda II lumbered up the road, to commence a rather one sided face-off with the Pzr IIIs (11s to penetrate!!). The British also moved a platoon of Mk Vis up behind a hill to the SW of the village, ready to make a dash toward Tobruk, once the Germans were neutralised.

Both sides then indulged in series of fairly ineffectual artillery "stonks", while working other armour assets into positions in and around the village. The Germans were progressively getting the worst of the exchanges, with at least five Pzr IIIs left burning. Then disaster struck for the British. The lead Matilda in the village struck a mine and brewed up, while a Stuka arrived overhead. Its first pass leaving the 3 Vickers Mk VIs burning, as well as a Bren Carrier.

Emboldened, The Germans pushed a platoon of Pzr IIs around the British right flank, but these quickly left burning by accurate fire from a pair of A10s.
So, the game ended with quite a few German tanks burning, but still holding a position over-looking the road. The British had not suffered as many losses, but thanks to the Stuka, were no longer in a positon to force the road. Hence, a draw was called.

So Battlegroup "Desert" remains a bit of an unknown for us. Perhaps we need try again with the "dust" and British "unreliable" rules, or maybe a tweak or two to the armour stats?

Across the way, we had a Batman game.

Very pretty, this was declared an interesting game, suitable for a small number of figures per side, with Rob's excellent terrain offering a really good impression of Gotham City.
The game was said to play well and gave the feel of the films, with Batman diving moving and wheeling around the board, taking-out the "concerned citizen's militia" like the masked vigilante thug that Batman is.  Fortunately Harley Quinn was on hand to slow him down with some sage words of psychological advice and a gentle tap with her baseball bat.
At the end of the game it looked like Batman was still going to easily achieve his victory conditions of abducting a young female botanist (presumably that's what happens when you live in a big house with only your elderly valet for company!). In the end, the game was considered to be a victory for the good guys, who had successfully defended their homes and places of business from the raging psychopath and his GCPD minions, but on the flip-side, they did hand Batman a bit of a beating which might make them think twice before messing with them again, so perhaps not clear victory.
Overall, a good feel to the game, but perhaps bogged down a little with many special character rules. However this might become easier with familiarity.

Down near the kitchen, there was a 15mm ACW, using the Too Fat Lardies rules offering. Opposite was a Peter Pig "Hammerin' Iron", 1/600 ACW naval game. Another eclectic night at Black Wolf.

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