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Friday, 9 March 2018

Sharpe Practice 2, Spain 1808

Last night's game feature a mob of Spanish Guerillas stiffened by two skirmish units from the Loyal Lusitainian Legion and a unit of lance armed caballeros, versus a force of French infantry and dragoons.  The objective was to secure a small bridge in advance of the arrival of larger regular forces and ensure safe passage of artillery and baggage. 

The French quickly adopted a defensive position dominating the open approaches to the bridge but failed to neutralise the LLL skirmishers deployed on the edge of a small wood to the left of the bridge.  A piecemeal approach by French skirmishers was repelled by the LLL and thrown into confusion.  Meanwhile the main Spanish force lined the river to the right of the bridge and began to bravely exchange fire with the main French infantry line and the Spanish cavalry forded the stream on the extreme right threatening to charge the French line. 

The dragoons who had dismounted and taken cover in a small casa on the left of the French position began to fire on the caballeros wounding their leader (Julian).  At the centre of the action the Spanish were getting the worst of the musketry duel and so a tardy column of Guerillas decided to gallantly charge across the bridge and engage the evil French.  They were trounced! and ran back through their supporting troops paralysing them with shock and indecision.  Fire from the LLL was now brought to bear on the French line and some French casualties fell.  Despite receiving flanking fire from the dragoons (now deployed in a small vineyard adjacent to their original position) Julian courageously led his caballeros in a charge against the French line. Desite causing some casualties the Spanish were brutally slain by French bayonets and fled carrying away the main Spanish force in confusion. 

At this point the Spanish accepted defeat and retreated covered by the LLL and a remaining band of Guerillas.   The French victoriously took possession of the of bridge.

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