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Friday, 18 May 2018

Sharp Practice 2

Sharp Practice 2
The War of 1812, Somewhere on the edge of Lake Erie..........

Capt Cockburn assembled his trusty marines, after landing from boats at the lake’s edge. It looked as if he might get to the bridge first, as there was no sign yet of the Americans. However, he had taken the precaution of landing his Indian scouts to the East of the river outlet, with orders to scout out and delay the Americans.

Chief Maywhomp had listened to Capt Cockburn’s instructions, but not very carefully!? He was contemptuous of these Americans, so when he saw them marching onto the field, he refused to take cover. That was a mistake, as the American light infantry rapidly deployed and started advancing fire on the Indians. Soon, two of the braves were down and Maywhomp himself was grazed by a ball in the leg. He ordered his men to run (well limp!) toward the woods to the East, but only the East-most group made it to the Safety of the trees, the remainder being gunned down by the American lights.

However, Chief Maywhomp’s revenge was not far away. He led his remaining group of braves through the wood, further to the East and as the over confident Lt. Trump led his US militia forward, the Indians let out a blood curdling War Cry and charged forward, swinging their fearsome tomahawks! This was too much for Lt. Trump’s militia, who were quickly forced back, but not before Lt. Trump was knocked unconscious. However, it was not clear who had actually landed the offending blow!?

Meanwhile the Royal Marines had won the marching race to the bridge and as the American main infantry body formed-up across the bridge on the East bank, they started to pour volley after volley into the Americans, aided by a group of British seamen, who had waded across the river and were assailing the US infantry’s left flank from the woods.

The US Light Infantry, having finally driven off the Indians, now turned on the British sailors, driving them from the woods at bayonet point. The US light infantry commander also discovered that his men could actually shoot as well and they were quickly inflicting casualties on the Royal Marines positioned on the exposed far bank, from the relative safety of the trees.

Despite the debilitating fire from the US light infantry, the Marines had driven back the centre of the US main infantry line, but there was no way they could hold the bridge from this exposed position, not without his own skirmish screen, to contain the American lights. Therefore, he decided to withdraw, after damaging the bridge as much as possible. The Americans, after reviving the unconscious Lt. Trump, took stock of the situation and reached the surprising conclusion that they had won!

Elsewhere we had a 20mm game of late WW2 Battlegroup, involving a fair amount of terrain and one side looking like they had brought a gun to knife fight! Simon rucked up with an armour heavy mix, a Tiger, Stugs, etc, with some supporting infantry, to attack what looked like a fairly built-up area! The American defenders appeared to have left the armour at home an piled in the infantry, heavily armed with bazookas and backed up by a fearsome battery of 155mm guns. The Germans consequently appeared to come off worst!

Further down the hall was a nice looking game of Congo, but I'm afraid that when the conversation turned to, "shall I bring on lions, tigers, or crocodiles, I left, fast!?

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