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Friday, 8 June 2018

Sharp Practice 2 - Peninsula

Sharpe Practice 2: Peninsular, 1812. Agents on both sides had identified that a local priest had knowledge vital to both sides and so both the French and the British despatched small forces to bring back the Spanish holy man.

The British managed to steal a march on the French, as the French commanders (all 5 of them!) appeared to argue over precedence on the entry road (plus Phil kept drawing Tiffin chits!)! Fortunately the French Voltigeurs had slipped forward to seize the vineyard to the rear of the church and also the house of the French end of the village. The Voltigeurs, now hidden in the vineyard, were delighted when Major Blunder led his British Line troops too far forward, exposing his flank to the French light troops (that will teach Phil to perform a 3 flag interrupt and then roll an 18 for movement!!).

Despite Lt. Dick Blunt leading a group of riflemen around the left flank of these French light troops, they continued to do significant damage to the exposed flank of the British line. This was further compounded by the arrival of a French gun. This discharged two rounds of canister into the thinning British line, which quickly fell back, breaking formation.

Meanwhile the second group of British riflemen had dashed into the church and grabbed the priest. However, as they made a dash for the safety of the British line, the French Voltigeurs in the edge of the village, opened up on them, successfully pinning them down (too much shock to run anywhere!).

By now Major Blunder had dashed to the right hand end of the British infantry line, to rally the broken troops there. However, just as he started to restore some order, units of French line infantry arrived and delivered a telling volley, sending the right of the British line tumbling from the table, Major Blunder being swept along with them! Major Leroux (Greg) was most pleased with the outcome.

On the other side of the hall there was a se ond run-out of "For King and Parliament”, using a scenario set in the 1650 Dunbar campaign. A large but inexperienced Scottish army facing a smaller, veteran English New Model force.

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