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Friday, 15 June 2018

To the Strongest, Wars of the Roses Campaign, Northampton

To reflect history, the Lancastrians were on the defensive for this battle. After wandering in, sans army list, Warwick (Tony) eventually managed to assemble a "Yorkish"(sic) army, which was mostly in accordance with the army list and only a few points over the 210 point target! Pretty good for Aussie maths and organisation!
The Lancastrian force, -24 points for being on the defensive, but with a stream/ defensive ditch to defend, awaited. Buckingham (Simon) to the right, Shewsbury (Phil) to the left and Lord Grey (Greg) in the centre.

The Yorkist army had a cunning plan however!  While the Earl of March (Chris) provided a pinning/distraction on the left flank, Warwick's (Tony) force of bow and bills advanced on the right, as a covering force (to soak up the Lancastrian arrow storm!) and enable Fauconberg's (Dave) breakthrough force of foot knights, following close behind, to get into a position to assault the far left of the Lancastrian line.

Despite a slow start (a quick series of '1' activation chits), the Yorkist plan was starting to work and the Lancastrian forces were just not redeploying quickly enough to counter the threat. However, despite losing a couple of bow units, Shewsbury managed to get a couple of veteran bill units in to hold the line against the Yorkist foot knights and billmen, battling hard to cross the ditch. It looked as if the Lancastrian line might just hold long enough for reinforcements from the other flank to arrive, but suddenly disaster struck!

First a Yorkish Hoblier unit surged around the Lancastrian right and started to threaten Shewsbury's rear. Then a unit of Lancastrian bow simply withdrew from the defence line, allowing two units of Yorkist foot knights to cross the ditch. Dastardly treachery at work!

Lancastrian morale crashed, both on and off the table and the Yorkist leaders, gloating over a victory so cheaply and treacherously bought, rubbed thier hands in glea! Better luck for Lancaster in Wakefield.

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