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Friday, 20 July 2018

The Irish go a Raiding (Dux Britanniarum)

During the celebrations of their recent victory over the Viking invaders the eldars of Newtownards gathered their people around them to tell the sorry tale of their raiding forefathers.

A long long time ago in a land over the sea the Irish went a raiding....

Gréagóir the brave had heard tales of vast quantities of treasure to be had in the land of the Britons and so decided that the village of Newtownards needed some loot for redevelopment.

All looked well at first as the wagon train (heaving with loot) appeared to have only a small number of escorts.

Unfortunately on closer inspection these turned out to be heavily armed and armoured. This wasn't going to be easy mutterd Gréagóir under his breath. Thus he ordered his cavalry to outflank the wagon train and cut it off from the safety of the town.

The main raiding force under the personal command of Gréagóir advanced upon the personal guard of Philipus the thoughtful.

Meanwhile the city guard sallied forth to try and prevent the Irish cavalry from outflanking the wagon train.

Unfortunately for the Britons the fast moving skirmish cavalry managed to block the road to the town. The Britons would have to fight to get the wagon train through now.

In the boglands well to the right of the town the Irish skirmishers and bowmen were having the better of the fight with the lower ranking Britons, causing plenty of shock. Clearly many a night spent in the local tavern playing darts.

Philipus's personal guard struck out towards the Irish skirmish cavalry and pulling a "Carpe Diem" card sent them packing back to the ships. Thus clearing the way for the carts to get safely to town.

Gréagóirs raiders trudged reluctantly towards Philipus's guard with some truly abysmal movement dice rolling.

However the Irish Raiders eventally managed to make contact and after a prolonged fight sent the Britons running for the hills. Unfortunately for Gréagóir the wagon train was able to slip past and the town guard formed a shieldwall across the road. More unfortunately the Britons in the bogland, after dealing with the bowmen and out manoeuvring the Irish skirmishers, dealt a deadly blow by making a rapid move to attack Gréagóir in the rear whilst he was celebrating his victory over Philipus's guard. This was all too much and Gréagóir the unlucky decided the loot wasn't worth it and headed back to the ships empty handed.

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