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Friday, 6 July 2018

WW1 Chain of Command - Black Wolf 5th July

Last night saw several games played in a hot and humid Hitchin Scout Hut.

In one corner we had a very nice looking 6mm ECW “For King and Parliament” game.  Proof, if proof were needed that 6mm is the way to go!

Near the toilets we had a 15mm American War of Independence Black Powder game, which almost had as much fencing as one of Tony's games!

Behind them was another 15mm game……..Ancients using the Aurelian rules.

Craftily sited near the storage locker and open door for maximum breeze benefit were Messrs Banks and May, playing ACW “Sharpe Practice “. Nice looking terrain, even if one could not quite see the cloth underneath! From what I can deduce Chris’ Union troops got a beating at the hands of Tony’s Rebels.

We suspect that the morale of Chris’ Union troops was made more brittle by a lack of painting attention being lavished on them. There were claims by some that they had painted more colours on 6mm ACW figures!!!

The final game of the evening saw a CofC WW1 game courtesy of Phil….and Dave.  Dave and I took the Germans, Phil and Malcolm took the Canadians.

Set sometime in 1918, the game saw an A7V broken down in a ruined village between the two sets of rear area trenches .The mission for both sides was to secure the tank.

Despite a less than optimal patrol phase the Germans managed to infiltrate a section, including an LMG, into the village and hunker down among the ruins.  The Canadians managed to move two of their sections into a hand grenading position but suffered high casualties due to accurate German rifle fire. However, overall German progress was slow, due the barrage which prevented extra troops getting onto the table.
A grim war of attrition followed with fairly ineffectual Canadian grenade and rifle fire being met by a more effective German response.  An “end of turn” proved pretty decisive .Not only did it end the barrage, allowing unimpeded German entrance to the table, including the armoured car, but the “double turn” allowed even more lead to be poured into the Canadian positions. Ultimately the Canadians decided to charge the ruined building. Carnage! Both sections virtually wiped out……as was the Canadian morale!

The German Feldwebel ( Senior Leader) was awarded the Iron Cross 1st class both for his heroic leadership in taking over the 2nd section after its Gefreiter (Junior Leader) was cut down by Canadian fire, but he achieved his mission and recovered the A7V. This is quite valuable to the Germans as only 20 were produced.***

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